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I should introduce myself too

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 13, 2007, 06:31:50 am

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November 13, 2007, 06:31:50 am Last Edit: November 13, 2007, 06:34:46 am by DJ Omnimaga
Ok first of all according to youtube profiles I am prbly the youngest member on this forum (except Tech87), having finished hi school only 4 years ago ^^  and probably the only one from North America (I live in the province of Qu├ębec in Canada, since I speak french my english may be bad sometimes, my apologies in advance for that x.x).

Since I discovered techno in 2000 I always wished I could make my own, because i felt everyone used the same style too much, so I thought myself if i ever get a PC I will buy a music software to do it. At that time I was hearing a lot about Dance Ejay and such stuff. Then in june 2002 when I was 15 my brother found a game called MTV Music Generator (the game that you all know as Music 2000) in a video game store and bought it. When he brought it at home I was so amazed that I got glued to it for about 10 hours (with dinner/lunch breaks tho). At first i wasn't impressed because of the bad pre made riffs, but then I found decent ones and made some music with them. Then I discovered the riff editor but I sucked at it, because it was a bit hard at first, but as soon as I got used to it I could make amazing stuff with it and I got addicted to the software. I kept improving my skills until january 2004, when I was working on Techno Revolution song, then the CD stopped working (it freezes on title screen). It was a really long 2.9 years of waiting then, because in late 2003 I discovered happy hardcore and I wanted to make some, but yeah, the software broke, so no more music making anymore. On top of that I didn't had a computer back then.

Then on December 2006 before christmas I searched torrent sites and found an CD image of MTV Music Generafor for PSOne, I tried to find an emulator that ran it and I was amazed to see it did. (yeah i know this is illegal lol but at least I still have both PSone and the non-working MTVMG with the manual lol). So I tried to get used to it again, it took a month until I could do amazing stuff again. The first song I made since I came back from my nearly 3 years hiatus is Happy Hardcore, but it wasn't very great compared to Epic Journey Through The Galaxy and Dark Side Of The Moon. Since then I did as many songs as I did from 2002 to 2004, and I still plan to do more. Since 2006 I've been willing to push the limits of Music2000 to maximum and make songs that are mistaken as real producer/professional songs made with fruity loops or more powerful softwares for PC.

I also love to produce using an emulator because it's much more stable than using the playstation and the PC version of MTVMG (which I found later) has crappy controls and sometimes crashes on my PC. Plus I have CD like sound quality on emulator since on a TV it's so so cuz of the hiss/noise effects.

Since late October I started running this forum, after the german one was unavaliable for 2 weeks due to the virus, and the goal is to gather music 2000 users together and let them put their songs here so everyone can listen and find them easier than on the massive youtube site. Now the other forum is back so I've decided to link it below the forums above the copyright.

Aside from the whole Music 2000 thing, I have programmed TI-83+ calculators since july 2001 and made several games for them ever since. Now I don't make anymore games for TI calculators but I still run the website called Omnimaga since early 2004. Now this site have music as well but it isn't dedicated to MTV music generator and Music 2000 like this one, even though all my songs on the site are made with those.

I also made a RPG called The Mysterious Cities Of Gold using RPG Maker 2003 program and graphics (altough I did a few myself). The RPG is meant to be a sequel to a french-japaneese anime of the same name dating back in the early '80s, which I loved. I also did a few games under Visual Basic 6.0 back in my Hi school days, altough they weren't too good.

So that should be all (I think)... oh yeah I don't have much of a life besides music making and work lol, I am kinda solitaire IRL since I am pretty artistic and like to sit down in front of a pc and make stuff but online I like to idle in some IRC chats and join conversation when I desire.

So hi ^^
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



Good intro, makes me wish I'd have padded mine out more considering how much older I am, lol.

On the subject of discs not working, there are places you can take non-working games who will "skim" the surface of the discs (however they do it) and usually get them working again. I know because my nephew has had a couple done. So don't despair if your games give up the ghost!


Yeah I alerady did that with MTV Music Generator and Warcraft III disc, they actually polish the surface at the local store. However it's not guaranteed that it will fix the problem as they said so theres no way to get a refund (it actually costs $5 per disc). Basically it worked with Warcraft III but I never got able to recover MTV Music Generator disc :(
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


147 crew

Excellent!! I loved Mysterious cities of gold, I understand what you mean about not having a life since discovering music PROGRAMS ;) same as me, plus I love final fantasy so its at least doubled..Keep up the excellent work


i was wondering... what does omnimaga mean?


Absolutely nothing lol :P

Actually it all started on Sept 1st 2001 in a computer class. The teacher wanted us to make a "company" logo for our projects and I had no idea what name to choose. So I just went with my imagination and did some words combinations. At first I was gonna choose Ultima+Magic to get Ultimaga but I finally opted for Omni+Magic so I got Omnimaga. The first logo ever was the one in my forum avatar.

Back then I alerady started doing TI-83+ calculator games and some computer stuff so I put the Omnimaga name in almost every games. Eventually some ppl joined with me so it kinda gave a small programming team, until they left around 2003, then eventually I opened a site called Omnimaga (with the same logo fonts than in the current site) and then almost 2 years started another team but this time online.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


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