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Hi there

Started by jaz8521, September 16, 2008, 06:52:39 pm

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September 16, 2008, 06:52:39 pm Last Edit: September 16, 2008, 07:17:27 pm by jaz8521
As you can guess, i'm new to this.  I found this site by accident.  I've just ordered Music 3000 and was looking for some info on it when i stumbled across this  ;D

I tried to listen to a track that someone posted but couldn't, it took me to savefile.com.  I tried signing up to that also and still couldn't listen to it.  Can anyone help with this?

I also uploaded a track to savefile, (the first track i ever done when Music came out for PS1) but don't know how to post it here either. 

Lastly, i don't know how to get my stuff onto my pc.  The few i have were put onto minidisc by a friend, and i no longer have access to it.  I'd appreciate any tips.

Lookin forward to knowing you  8)


hey jaz, nice to have you aboard. when you go to savefile the song should be there with a download option. you dont have to sign up to it to listen. also after clicking download and nothing happens, there should be a 'download file now' link. try clicking that.
if you upload at savefile you should recieve a download url when youve successfully uploaded a tune.
failing that i use mediafire.com. its the same as savefile but maybe a little easier to upload?
try checking the rest of this site for tips to upload your music.
oh and good luck with music 3000... such a quality programme but quite a few flaws too. however with time you can produce awesome tunes!  :)


Heya and welcome here. :) Sorry for not replying sooner. Actually some songs are uploaded directly in the posts but for some reasons some members are unable to upload them so they need to use an external file hosting. This also happens with files bigger than 6 MB because the hosting provider on which this site is hosted won' let me setup the file limit above that
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Welcome to the Forum.
Look forward to hearing your music.
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