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spacekid - spock - 2006

Started by spacekid890, August 17, 2008, 04:07:25 pm

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hi all. this is a very old tune and the quality aint great but ive never posted it so i thoaght ide put it on hear while i come up with some new stuff. hope u guys like :D


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You have a very special talent. This reminds me of so many great artists, Chemical Bros, New Order, even a bit of Death In Vegas. Truly excellent work yet again, can`t believe you weren`t going to post it!
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thanks for the coments. i wasnt gonna post this coz i never realy finished it i lost the original file when my hard drive got wiped a while back and only had it in low quality mp3 form. but after ur guys coments i think i might have to start afresh and finish it finaly.


im in love with it after the first few bars...
this is so uplifting... it goes right where you want it to...
i agree with bliss, it has that star guitar feel to it.

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Really this is quite well.... Kind of sounds like something I might hear from U2, well to a point. It is so hard to make rock songs.
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