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ANOTHER trance sample turned hip hop

Started by RyceBeetz, July 09, 2008, 08:42:47 pm

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YES, i did it again...this time i used a couple of trance samples...the riffs that were already pre-made...i was experimenting the other day, ad came up with this!! sneaky-shadows-ninja sound to it haha...

intro, chorus, erse, chorus, verse/bridge, chorus, fade....i think thats how it goes... anyway, hope you like this mix...


Had to bump down the quality a little to meet the file size requirements  :-\


nice, one of my favourite from you, nice work :)

This reminds me some Final Fantasy RPG music :)
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i visioned a video game as well...after i posted, that is...

i can see final fantasy now that you mentioned it  :D

DJ Ryznup

Awesome track, love the mood of it. Sounds like music that would go good with a hip stealth game.

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.:DJ Droppin:.

The intro is $$$$ ... No doubt. Nice beat, percussion....
Excellent song.
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