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Wave of Music 2000/MTVMG haters A.K.A FL Studio Freaks on Youtube

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 02, 2008, 06:18:01 am

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Darn, what the heck is happening recently on Youtube? Is it because school is finished for pretty much everyone and more free time? Since the past day pretty much every comment I get from most users not on this board are hate comment toward Music 2000/MTVMG2, there is even a music 2000 user that I will not name (not member here) who bash people hard work and for new people he literally flame their work instead of giving them a chance to improve by giving suggestions. He did with me and the user Asshol3434, even if the songs were good imho and were just different than what he produces. The others just post stuff about how Music 2000 is shit and to use FL Studio. Some are nice, but some are harsher and harsher, and it gets annoying in both case because everytime someone post a comment about how FL studio is better other users joins the bandwaggon, so no matter how nice a comment is I have to delete it when FL studio/Cubase/Reason/whatever is suggested. I had to tell people about 100 times that I tried FL studio and Reason and didn't liked them. That's a good thing it doesn't happen as much with people who beg for a ROM/crack for Music 2000. I don't know for you, but it has became suddently worse. I am lucky people doesn't keep criticising me for my broken english on Youtube yet.

I have almost considered disabling comments for all my videos, or just disabling comments for people not in my buddy list right now. I am unsure yet, but I just felt like ranting, because this is annoying as fuck x.x

I will use these PS music programs as long as it lets me do the sound I want to produce. When I feel it doesn't suit my needs anymore, I will try something else, as long as I feel confortable with it. I used Music 2000 since 2002, and I got inspired by Pillage stuff, so THEN I switched to MTVMG2 when I felt I could be confortable with it (took a while, eh?), and I don't plan to switch anytime soon. Heck, I only used it for 2 weeks, I still have a lot to learn, and I still use Music 2000 sometimes when I want to make a song from my old ones. Maybe I should just put a notice in my vid saying don't ask me to switch because I won't and any comments about it will be deleted within a day or two.

And yeah, I really never liked when somebody bashes someone's work because of how it was made, no matter how good it sound. It's not from yesterday. If the work is really bad, or lacks in any way, then please give criticism to help improve it instead of just saying "this is shit". If you just don't like the song then just tell you don't instead of trying to enforce your tastes on everyone. I even saw someone comment "Are you all insane, that sucked" in reply to people who liked the song.

Human is really strange sometimes...
</End Of Rant>
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Casper AudioGhost

most of those who are harsh, ithink do so because of some kind of inferiority complex.i mean what is the point of bashing music or art offered for free to possibly entertain or inspire.the only reason i can think of is sadistic jealosy,screw the haters.what we do is like drawing the mona lisa on an etch a sketch it is valid and it takes creative thinking and talent.so let the fakers front,they are fools.



It's annoying though, because i have to delete their comments all the time. I personally wouldn't delete them and I would prefer to just give them thumbs down, like I do with stupid comments or spam, but when I don't delete fl related ones everybody joins the bandwagoon and the only notices I get in gmail are bad comments. Also generally these comments just trigger arguments or people throwing insults at each others.

I'm glad this never happened here yet on this forum. It is strange that I never had to warn people here for such stuff, or spamming. The only thing I ever need to worry about here is to make sure no one post links to emulator BIOSes, cracks, ROMs or illegal copies of MTV Music Generator, since some users sometimes asks. I didn't even need to punish anyone yet. This is also a reason why I never promoted anyone to moderator yet, since it isn't needed. I like how the community is almost run by itself. One troublemaker could be enough to tear such community apart, though. I would have to do something about it if it happened (the bad part of forum moderating gotta be that x.x)
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


147 crew

Firstly everyone on TIMGUL is a diamond, honest helpful opinions r what count and people who use these programmes know what its all about, fun..I don't think any of us would tolerate haters on here. As for people giving stupid comments about other MUSIC making software, if you don't have it you can't use it..doesn't matter if its better or whatever..it may well be, but i'm happy making up cool BASS lines and big beats..FOR FUN! I had a couple of bad comments on my videos. One is still there now on "heavy tune" simply says "WANK" I just put, haha Thanks for the comment. Had more views since then also  :D

You know yr on a winner on TIMGUL, I joined december, since then 70+ more members 250+ more tunes..WE ROCK!!!


I think it`s times like this you have to ask yourself, are these haters bashing the tune because they genuinely don`t like it, or are they bashing it because of the program that was used? Would they have said the same if you told them you`d made it with a better program?

I think not.

I agree with Casper, we use an extremely limited program and still come up with unbelieveably proffesional sounding music. In a way this achievment could be seen as being even more creative and artistic than those who use the more advanced programs which in turn could lead to jealousy.

Fuck the haters.
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Casper AudioGhost

i agree with the last statement you made,dark bliss totally,lol.you would not say to a guy who could do the mona lisa on an etch-a-sketch that he should try oil painting you would prooly off him $1000 for it,just don't shake it up lol.props to all of you for keeping this forum a friendly inspiring place for real music lovers and inventive open minds                                                   casper



yeah im inspired by Pillage's stuff too...

to everyone on here, KEEP IT UP!!! people are haters coz they're not as creative as us....and thats that!!!


July 03, 2008, 04:00:17 pm #7 Last Edit: July 03, 2008, 04:09:22 pm by pillagemyvillage
interesting comments...
i have 2 words for those who hate... fuck off
im kinda giving up on youtube... i still check every now and then, but mainly to reply to friends who have contacted me regarding recording and how i make my tracks. (also its a pain uploading new tunes!)
ive only recieved 1 bad comment so far and to be fair it was for a tune i dont like myself.
however it was not criticism that i could read and think fair enough you didnt like the bass/melody etc, it was border line nasty...
my god we are using equipment that costs a fiver! (excluding playstation/pc of course!)
i am ultra critical of my own work (i prob like only 2-3 of my own tracks) but when played on a decent set of amp and speakers it sounds awesome... i think playing a tune through a laptop/pc speakers doesnt do a track justice.
i agree with casper and the mona lisa thing.
at the end of the day all of the songs on here use the same notes and chords that beethoven used (although not the exact ones lol!).
the only difference between music programmes and the 'pro' programmes is the samples.
transfer all the notes of say, angel in the star or any track by omni, to fruity loops or whatever and use similar samples, then see if bad comments would be posted... i think not.
what im getting at is these idiots seem to have a problem with the programme itself?
yes i know mtvmg2 is not the best programme out there, but it gives me a creative release and i derive much enjoyment from using it and also a great sense of achievement. like ive said before, when played loud it can sound semi pro.
this prats have never used the music programmes so dont understand the concept. they all sit in there studios (built by daddy) and use fruity loops (paid for by daddy) on their 3000 pound pc (paid for by daddy).
its the same as when you say 'i use mtvmg2 to make music' when speaking to someone who asks about how you make your music. you know you get that look of oh so you dont make music then you just piss around on the playstation...
these people just dont understand. they have probably never heard of mtvmg2 or what it can do.
and they instantly brush off my music without even listening to it!
this twats on youtube basically see that the track has been made on music2000/mtvmg2 and instantly   
dismiss it prob without even listening to it properly.
jealousy, stupidity and arrogance...


even in FL Studio there would still be bad comments I think, I see bad comments even on professional tracks. Also there's lot of FL stuff that isn't as good as some MTVMG stuff. We really see here how people judge songs only by program used.

I personally might continue uploading my songs to youtube, I might even upload every single ones I did, but I agree it's hard to upload nowadays. In Opera I get a connection closed error when starting upload. I have to use Internet Exploder 7 in safe mode to upload on Youtube fine. Also quality decreases a lot and sometimes video load slowly. There may be people who think it's Music 2000 fault while in fact it's Youtube sound quality that makes the track sound bad. I generally add &fmt=18 at the end of the URL now, so sound is much better. With some new vids sound is even stereo, but few people know this trick, so they judge the track based on how it sounds on youtube. If I continue uploading stuff I will probably make my vids require commnt approval, except from friends.

Some people just want attention and bash people work because they can't do better or they just want to feel superior
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Not a Number

Believe it or not, guys in the YTP community (YouTube Poop) aren't keen on YouTube Poop Music Videos that are made in FL Studio. (mainly due to Soulja Boy making his entire album in it*)

Tried FL Studio myself and I couldn't get grips with it. Thus I stick with M2K.

(*even though I'm making the whole of /0 in M2K. :P)


some people in the music making community (like hardcoreproducers.org) aren't too keen on FL Studio either. While they don't like Music 2000 they prefer to use Cubase or Reason to make their music rather than using FL Studio. Personally FL is an amazing piece of software and can do awesome stuff once you learned it, plus the express edition is quite cheap compared to other music softwares, but for some reasons the FL Studio community seems to be filled with arrogant elitist users and trolls who love to cause trouble or to downgrade other people work that aren't made with FL. That leaves other producers with only two choice: not mention the software used to make their songs (which is impossible if you want to sell a song made with Music 2000 since the royalty free license requires you to mention it was made with MTVMG either by placing the logo on the CD pocket or mp3 comment tag) or to let the users fill their video page with bad comments about how the song sucks because it was not made with FL.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



hmm its sad, very very sad, theses people that give bad comments are not real music lovers! they are just chumps that want to talk shit and think they know what they are talking about, i mean i am learning cubase and alberton live, but without music 2000 MTVMG2 and music 3000 i wouldn't even dream of stepping up, i think the stuff we make is miles better then some of the shit i have heard in the past made on real good pro gear, its the person that makes the tune not what you made it with, and the end of the day its what comes out the speakers not what you made it with, i for one would never knock anyones work , i did want to get my tunes on youtube but because it is full of well how can i say, ( mindless sister fucking piss ant retards that don't really love or know good music if it slapped them around the face with a wet fish ) im starting to think , whats the point, everyone on this site is sooooo cool and no bad vibes at all, i dont feel the need anymore to let them people hear my stuff, in fact they are not even worthy of hearing the great tunes we make, fuck them fucking swamp donkeys, they suck dicks and suck dicks bad , BUT on the other hand i must ad this, if pillage never added his tunes on youtube i would never had found out about this site, so thats one thing i am thankful for.

just remember guys we are awesome, every single one of us! talking about haters, today my girlfriend got deleted from facebook, so it gos to show hater are everywhere !!!!!!!! GOD SAVE ME FROM THE HATERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Forget those suckers, you've created a fantastic community here. I always dreamed of sharing my music and begged that such a place existed and when I discovered there was a place I was overjoyed and I still am. We're managing to produce fantastic music from dated software whilst those guys roll with the times so who are the real and most creative winners?

I haven't had any comments whatsoever on my YouTube M3000 uploads yet but I guess I can expect the flamers to come sooner or later.


Personally, especially in the terms of Art and, specifically, Music, there is nothing more ignorant than bashing someone else's work.  Music is exceptionally personal.  And to jump in and say that anyone's music is of worse quality or of lower production value is also individual.  If they can't keep their vocal ignorance to themselves, I discard their views and ignore them.

I've used both the MG series and FL Studio and I'm fond of them both, individually and when used together. (I've only tried to blend them once, but I couldn't achieve the sound I wanted, and thus abandoned the attempt)

It all depends on what sound you want and how far you're willing to go to acquire it.  Use anything you can, even recorded sounds that you find around the house.  (like that awesome roaring sound your furnace makes when it starts up in the winter season)  It's all good.
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True. I find that it's stupid to bash someone else work because it's either not mainstream or because it's made with lower quality/cheaper softwares. I am a bit more tolerant about the former because everyone has different taste but I am not tolerant if they force other people to not like the stuff or mock everyone who listen to that kind of music. As much as we can't stop anyone from saying what they want (we can only block them/delete their comments/rate them down), they can't stop people from making the music they want with what they want. Music is a way to express yourself.

Also these softwares were underestimated in the past and still are today, because people didn't saw what could be done with them or didn't bothered to try them enough to make decent stuff with them. In fact, since this site opened I noticed the stuff is improving more and more, the bar is raising and it seems lot of old stuff were good too. If Beoulve would have posted his tracks on Youtube or other website without mentioning it was made with Music 2000/Generator 1, I wouldn,t even have been able to tell it was made with cheaper software and if i never played Star Ocean 2 I would have guessed this tune is from a real RPG
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It is not what you have, it is how you use it that counts.

I started out on Music 2000, and now use FL Studio. But I haven't forgotten my roots. In fact, I love my roots. I still use Music 2000 by using like, LOADS of the samples from it and utilizing them in FL.

In fact, I recently did a remix of "Philes" from the original Music, in FL Studio. I love sitting and staring at the Music 2000 layout and reminiscing.

The fact is, Music/2000 contains a countless number of superb samples. And I have got some great results when using them in FL.

My question to the haters: why seperate, when you can join together and get a better result?


Ah I remember Fluid. I never had it but I played a demo of it once I think. I personally thought the concept was bad because... didn't you have to swim around a sea looking for the "musical parts"?? What's the point? A music creation adventure game. I'd rather just one or the other lol.


Was that the one with the T-Rex walking along or whatever?


LOL no it wasn't on second thoughts.. your post just reminded me of this weird tech demo on PSX where this T-Rex walked along and you pushed a button to open his mouth or something, it was a black background and there was this weird music. If anyone knows what I'm talking about then cool. Lol.

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