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Memory card files section added

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 28, 2008, 12:38:17 am

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Those who use ePSXe emulator to make music on MUSIC and Music 2000/MTVMG should be happy. A new section opened below the Music You Have Created section and will contain emulator memory card files containing songs made with both these programs. If you have files that you don't mind everyone using feel free to upload them there. Make sure you remove anything you don't want people to use first, though. People will be able to use or modify riffs and songs to make theirs or to learn.

As explained in the forum desctiption, when you download the file attached to the topic in question, you need to save it in your ePSXe "memcards" directory. Make sure your currently used memory card file is not the same name so you won't overwrite it with the downloaded file. Afterward you go in ePSXe settings and select the downloaded memory card.
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