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Started by thelpi, June 14, 2008, 05:39:07 pm

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hello everybody,

I'm Thelpi and I'm french so I speak a very very poor english, sorry ^^
I start Music2000 on playstation in 2002, and on my PC the next year, 2003

I have made approximately 75 tracks in 5 years, best are on my lastfm artist account :

my lastfm user account : http://www.lastfm.fr/user/tlversion2, if you want to speak with me or share music, use this link  ;)

I like Big beat (chemical, underworld, prodigy...) , trip-hop (massive attack, dj Shadow...) and IDM (Orbital, LFO, Autechre...), some mainstream techno artists (Justice, DaftPunk), and pop/rock

It's very nice to see that lot of people continues to use Music2000!

I stop writing here because I can't translate in english what I would to say, apologize for mystakes... :p
good bye everyone

Casper AudioGhost

welcome to you :)hope to hear your music soon


Hiya, glad to see you here :) I liked your stuff on last.fm, very hard to figure out it was made with Music 2000, some of it sounds very professional especially Ibiza 79.

I am amazed that lot of people still use Music 2000 too, considering when I started this forum about 4 people still uploaded Music 2000 stuff on Youtube. Seeing this, I am sure there might be even more online who still use these programs. However, a lot of people must not tell about it because some people laugh when you say you use Music 2000 because the software is so underestimated and underrated
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