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Started by pillagemyvillage, May 04, 2008, 01:10:41 pm

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so ive been thinking about remixing tracks made by all the artists on here...
i would also love to hear remixes of any of my tracks too...
i feel the best way to remix is to either...
provide written chords e.g melody C D E etc
or provide screen shots of each riff (something spacekid did for me with 'coming home')
what do you guys think?  :)


that would be cool providing they're not sold and my nickname is included in the video or song description :)

maybe it could be used for another timgul mix :)

if i get some time i will post more videos of my songs
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



so guys let me know which tracks you would like to be remixed...
the same applies for my tracks...
i would love to remix angel in the stars but trance style, you know making it sound very different to the original...

Not a Number

I'll provide chords/notation for some of mine if you want:

(All notes are quarter notes; the entire song is in 5/4 time signature)

Bb Bb C C C | Bb Bb F F E | Bb Bb C C C | Bb Bb E F G|

Bb Bb F Bb G | Bb Bb G F C | Bb Bb F Bb G | Bb Bb G F C |

32-bit Twist (Demo 1) (Chords):
C         Caug   F
Something wasn't right
Caug    C         Caug       F       Caug C
I barely slept all through the night
    Caug     F       Caug
And when the morning came
      C     Caug    F      Caug
I was lying outside in the rain
C         Caug    F
The spiky nail of darkness
Fm       C        Ab      Eb    F7
Burrowed straight into my heart
C          Caug  F
I tried to use a crowbar
Fm    C    Ab       Eb    F7
But I only pulled myself apart
I'm easily amused enough
To make it through the day
I'm random and confused enough
   Ab          Bb
To be in total disarray
Tell me that I'm all alone
In thinking that I'm all alone
I'm so completely on my own
     Ab            Bb  C
That everything's OK

  Caug     F     Fm
I might be on to something
C    AbEb  Bb  C
(Schizophrenic twist)
  Caug       F     Fm
I might just be on something
C    AbEb  Bb  C
(Schizophrenic twist)
    Caug        F       Fm
But something's telling me
C         Ab        Eb      Bb
And don't believe a word of this
    C     Caug        F   
But music sounds much better
Fm     Ab            Ab7
With a schizophrenic twist
Fm        Ab7
With a guitar.)

I'll find the notation for the "crappy guitar solo" some other time, but I'm certain it's just the same chords as the chorus; so it's the chord notes.

Any other ones of mine you wish to remix? Also, I'll send you a more uptodate vocal track of 32-bit Twist if you want to include the vocals.


Feel free to remix Angel In The Stars and my other tracks :)

Idk if i will have time to post most track chord progressions tho for the tracks I still have them, but I might try. I only have chord progression for a few of my songs now, including Angels In The Stars
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


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