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Author Topic: My absence / What I've been up to  (Read 985 times)

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My absence / What I've been up to
« on: May 27, 2011, 11:00:37 pm »
Hey all. Sorry I am not around much anymore, that isn't by choice. Family life comes first now for sure, then my music career. I've been signed to a label since March now and have 2 releases out on iTunes with a 3rd completed on the way for June. I am working on my 4th now. I haven't forgotten about y'all at all and I am very pleased to see things running smoothly here. It is great to see new artists have joined. We(Admin/Moderators) are trying to get a handle on the spam bots, but we can't get them all. If you see any feel free to Message me or any of the staff and we'll have them removed. I am also pleased that people are sharing music, commenting, and doing so in a respectful manner. That is very vital to the health of TIMGUL as well as encouraging artists with their musical endeavors. Hey, if it weren't for TIMGUL and all of the positive feedback from everyone I am not sure I would be where I am now.

If anyone is interested in listening to my work or purchasing check out the following links.

DJ Droppin - Catastrophic Bass

Track Listing
01 Eurotek
02 Bass-a-holic
03 Bass Vision
04 808 Destruction
05 Sci-Fi Journey
06 Bass(Feel Dat Groove)
07 Electrosonik
08 Catastrophic Bass Waves
09 Machinez
10 Florida Beats
11 Night Interlude
12 Evil Hertz
13 Into The Amazon
14 Cryptic Bass

(c)2011 Bass Mekanik Records

Now available @ iTunes,, and other mp3 sites.

iTunes > DJ Droppin - Catastrophic Bass $7.99

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Bass Launch - Launch The Bass

Track Listing
01 Bass Encounters(Multi-Dimension Bass Test)
02 Transformed Bass
03 Sub-Zone
04 Outer Space Drop
05 Techno Bass
06 Bass-Tech
07 Beat Down Low
08 Celestial Boom
09 I Like it Low(Prepare for Bass)
10 Haunted Woofers(Droppin's Bass Nitemare)
11 Bass Drop
12 Possessed by Bass
13 Atomic Beats
14 Bass Phenomenon
15 Space Orbit

(c)2011 Bass Mekanik Records

Now available @ iTunes, Junodownload,, and other mp3 sites.

iTunes > Bass Launch - Launch The Bass $7.99
*Download the FREE CD Sampler

Bass Launch - The New Era of Bass

Track Listing
01 - Intro(The New Era of Bass)
02 - Welcome 2 Bass
03 - Bass Memories
04 - Electro Bass-POWER
05 - Feel Tha Bass
06 - Slow Flow
07 - Circuit Overload
08 - Relentless Bass
09 - Bass 4-Ever(Droppin's Slo-Jam)
10 - Do You Like Bass
11 - Feel The Energy
12 - Bass Odyssey
13 - The Future of Bass
14 - Bass Assault
15 - Drifting Through Space

(c)2011 Bass Mekanik Records

Available late May-June @ iTunes, Junodownload,, and other mp3 sites.

*Download the FREE CD Sampler

I hope you all like my work :)
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Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

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Re: My absence / What I've been up to
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2011, 02:07:51 am »
oh yea, i know bout this (simply because ive been stalkin u on facebook lol :) )  congrats on ur success rob!!


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