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Started by Jerbas, May 20, 2011, 01:39:06 pm

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May 20, 2011, 01:39:06 pm Last Edit: May 20, 2011, 02:05:10 pm by Jerbas
I wound up here 2 years ago, and then I never came back until like.... a year after that, and now I'm back again.  Though I'm not able to devote massive chunks of energy into my myewzix, I try hard to create things that sound cool to me.  Also, I use MTVMG for the PC, which also comes with a copy of - "The Realm" which is some sort of computer game that I never had any interest to install onto my computer back in 99 whenever I started using MTVMG.  I'm just now getting to the point to where i pretty much know a lot more of the ins and outs :P

Needless to say, it crashes... a lot.  So most of my sessions involve me hoping that I don't completely lose EVERYTHING lol, but I make it work :)  Hope to get to know you peeps during my time on here

BTW, I want to start getting into FL.  I tried it once and it made me feel incompetent xD
I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.

DJ Eddy

Great to see you on here m8....Cant wait to hear some of ur Myewzix...lol
I too use music for PC so i know what you mean by the crashing thing...pain in ass isn't it...
anyway good to see a new face on here..


Thanks man, glad to finally be a part! :D
I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.


Welcome bk.

I use Music for the PS and on the very odd ocassion - the PC an its happened to me the few times I've used it.
Definately not fun on starting from scratch n having to remember every little melody you had and what the sample was.


Hi, pleased to meet you!
And, if it makes anyone feel better, it is totally possible to crash the Playstation versions of Music as well!
For example, I saved one track and the volume change didn't save properly and so the tune crashed when I played it until I worked out what the problem was (luckily it hasn't recurred). Sometimes envelope modifications don't save properly (you just get a random mess of points meaning the sample doesn't play at all usually, which again can be fixed easily enough once found). And you can also do it if you apply too many effects simultaneously.
Oops, sorry, think that turned into a tips lesson...
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


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