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Knowlesy00 ~ HIPoxia (Demo)

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], May 18, 2011, 11:51:40 pm

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Kinda feels like listening to this at the moment that this is a kinda homage to ZoDiaC's devilbeatz...or my kinda take on it I guess.

I normally dont do demos of tracks before but with this one I noticed I was using alot of bass samples and alot of stuff that would just drown each other out , so basically it was a soundcheck if nothing else...I still dont trust that t.v lol.

Any input on it , whether to change samples or complete it or just scrap it...feel free to hit me up with a " Knowlesy !...its shit ! " lol

Anyhoo , band practice tomorrow am off to bed.

DJ Eddy

Knowlesy !...Its pretty damn good man ! lol
The beat was class the the melody panning from the right was very good and i can see what u mean by a bit if ZoDiaC's devilbeatz in this..
Id say complete it..but i dont really know what u could do cause its not really my style (sorry man)..
anyway yea Complete it man..lol


Cheerz Eddy...listening back...its kinda how I imagined but I think I'll need to back an sort out the volume n stuff and just listening to alot of samples and hopefully find the sound that plays in my head.

Thanks again mate.

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