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Do you want your track mastered?

Started by DarkBliss, May 05, 2011, 04:17:20 pm

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That's pretty fucking sick, man! You can really hear the effects you've had on the track, and it sounds really damn full, meaty, like it's actually USING every audio channel it can. You might not be bliss, but I apritiate the gesture all the same :'D
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Fear 2 Stop®

Thankya big big....this is actually my area of expertise, as I was majoring in audio engineering in college.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop


The Tragic Circumstance Theory by J-MACHine mastered by DarkBliss.

Was gonna do Dissonance in the Garden of Red Flowers but Fear 2 Stop got there before me. Damn you Fear, damn you!

Anyway, hope you like it dude, sorry it`s taken a while to get round to it, been really busy on some of my own stuff this week.

Nice tracks, by the way. :D

(I tried uploading this directly to the site but it wouldn`t work for some reason so here`s a Mediafire link to it instead).


"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012



Sorry for the late reply from me, but thanks, man! I'll check it out when I'm a little less busy; I've got a load of tunes that I really need to crack on with making!
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There's something wrong with the download, mate. It keeps chucking me a 55.7kb file that won't play my way. >>
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