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Knowlesy00 ~ Мυяđєготіċа (Concept E.P)

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], April 26, 2011, 10:32:09 pm

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April 26, 2011, 10:32:09 pm Last Edit: April 26, 2011, 10:39:48 pm by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤]
So I've had some time over this weekend and had the idea (good or bad) to do a concept thing.

Basically the plot is -

Strobe - Killer stalks drunk girl in a nightclub.

Abduction - murderer talks the girl outside with notion of spending the night , at this point shes been out hrs and totally wasted so anything to keep the "nightout buzz" is a factor in her decision...thinks turn serious however when the killer begins to show his true colours and she trys to run but is caught.

The Kill Room - In the killers room of death (if you've seen Dexter just kinda picture that way)

All That Once Was & Will Never Be - Girls family launching t.v appeal for missing child...a requiem for the victims.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this...I had a blast writing it taking alot of inspiration from members up on here so cheers guys.


sick...sick...sick..(oh, i forgot to mention) SIIIICKKKK!!!!!!!! this is ur best work yet...u murdered this shit dude (no pun intended).  its crazy how i can picture everything u described about each track happening when it plays.  my favs would hav to be "Abduction" and "Kill Room".  keep it bro.  btw...that is some bad ass album art.


:) Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment...always appreciated.

I was really lucky finding that picture in google an edited it at picnik.

Cheers again Z.

DJ Eddy

Strobe--Everything about this is outstanding Knowlesy, pads and strings are top notch as usual from u m8.
I can see what u mean by killer stalking his prey lol..brilliant m8.

Abduction--Its getting fast paced now, great guitar riffs man..love the beat to..i can imagine some evil dude chasing down some chick and right at the end of the song gets her....class m8.

The Kill Room--amazing piano and strings again man....nice atmosphere i can imagine hes got his girl and shes woke in this room looking around on her own...panicking like fuck lol.

The Nameless Victim-- This has to be my fav by a mile....i love everything about it..piano, pads, strings all out of this world..wish i could write music like this..has a sad feel to it...jesus man keep up the amazing work m8..



Thanks Eddy for taking the time to listen n comment mate.

I don't dislike any of them , but my favourites for the moment are Strobe , the meaty end of Abduction and Kill Room.

Cheers again mate :)


Checking Strobe...
Very nice style! Smooth progression and good production. Suits the idea behind it well! You're good at your epic drums! I love :53 where the drums kick back in and it becomes quite breath taking!

All the melodies and pads fit well together, good job of mixing! And the end note is a very tense "to be continued" note.

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