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[APRIL FOOLS PRANK] MTVMG4 coming out this summer!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 01, 2008, 07:18:00 am

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OUCH! You got me good an' proper with this one. Dagnabbit! This April fool was actually painful! I'm still licking my wounds!


Woah, I just clicked the link anyway and almost jumped out of my skin!
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First post here.

We should pool our money to get a programmer to fix Music 2000 / MG 1 for PC. Fix it so pro sound cards and multiple outs can be used with asio. Have the song organization fixed. Loading external wavs in bulk/batch style to the palette and of course make it stop crashing when reversing to many sounds.

It is a wad file and I have tried to find a wad editor that I can use but so far no luck. I at least wanted to see if I could load samples into the wad file to make a new template of wav samples to freshen things up a bit without having to individually load 1000 wav samples and have MG crash several times trying to do so.

i have used MG for ever it seems. I have used reaper and like it a lot but no other program can still adjust the adsr for each note like MG!

Glad to be aboard!



Sacred Virgo

welcome aboard then! so you're a long time MG user? cool, i can't wait to listen to your music

Not a Number

If I had the knowledge, I'd find the file that says what the controls are and hack the hell out of it.
(first things first.. make it compatible with the PS3 controller.. ohh how much easier would it be to make stuff with it.. I noticed that a song I made on my PSX emulator sounded much better than when I used the keyboard)


Welcome here Lotec, look forward to hearing your music.

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