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Here At The End Of All Things

1 - The Awakening (Intro)
2 - Reapercussions
3 - Digital Storm
4 - Something Wicked Comes Things Way
5 - Half Remembered Dream
6 - The End Of All Things (Outro)

This is my first attempt at an album so hopefully you'll like it.

Anyhoo , as always - enjoy.

Congrats on the masterpiece! Lets get rolling...

1 - The Awakening (Intro) - Ready 4 War!!!!!!!!!!!
2 - Reapercussions - Great melody! Awesome build up! Chorus is wicked! Great Break!
3 - Digital Storm - Nice vibes. Simple. Great string work.
4 - Something Wicked Comes Things Way - My fav on this set. very hard. Very Good movement. Shit bro. Awesome work
5 - Half Remembered Dream  - Reminds me of Legend. Awesome work.
6 - The End Of All Things (Outro) - classical. taps are hot. feeling the variations.

Great Album man. Keep it frosty!

Yeah , along with Half Remembered Dream , Something Wicked Comes This Way are my top faves here.

Thanks for taking the time out to listen and comment on these Joe , much appreciated.

Very pleased that you enjoyed it.

damn, dis album is bad ass (i havent heard "Something Wicked Comes This Way" computer was acting like a cunt when i tried to download it but imma give it another try).  but anyways, "REAPERcussions" and "The End of All Things" are my fav.  i enjoyed every bit of it.

(finally..."Something Wicked Comes This Way" downloaded) Well, I hav another fav.  dat track is wicked. i really love how at 2:56, the kicks are like giant footsteps as the melody of the song gets darker (very very fitting to the title).  dis album kicks ass dude.


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