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Forced Progression [Progressive Electronica, Glitch, Game]

Started by J-MACHine, December 28, 2010, 04:45:04 am

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Because i don't have enough on my plate (OBVIOUSLY), i've been in the process of kickstarting an older work and nearly-completely rebuilding it from the ground up. I would have started this later, but i happened to get a huge attack of inspiration for all aspects of the project from a number of different sources, the main source of inspiration being the barrage of insanity Goichi Suda- AKA Suda51, AKA 'Japan's Answer to David Lynch, only further derranged and harbouring an obsession with Masked Wrestlers'- released on the world back in 2005, after several delays, that we know as the direly-in-need-of-more-love Killer7. Not even just the game or the story, but the soundtrack helped inspire me, and eventually led to the creation of... This beast.

It's really only the result of a couple'a hours work, plus about 15 minutes of final tweaks and edits, and it's short- purposfully so, it's supposed to be cutscene music- but i'm proud of it regardless. I wanted something that continually kept building up, only to climax and have a short outro/ending that was relativly calm and quiet, and i wanted the whole thing too... I guess the best way i can summerize it is that i wanted it to feel like listening too it made you imagine you were completely drugged up and as high as possible, and you're watching the people around you change and mutate into horrible creatures. Hopefully i've pulled it off correctly.

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This is really cool...reminds me of some of our 2002 work, only much better produced. This sounds like it would fit in the soundtrack for the game Xenosaga. Love it.
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Cheers, F2S! Honored you think it sounds like some of your work, I didn't think I was capable of making stuff as cracked-out-insane-but-in-the-best-way-possible that you've been able to do!
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