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The Thing That Should Not Be [Glitchy Reality Ver.] [GLITCH, LO-BIT]

Started by J-MACHine, November 28, 2010, 10:23:34 pm

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I'm in a rush, so i've got to be breif, i'm afraid. This is one of three new pieces for a project i'm working on.

The entire idea behind this was comming up with something that sounded very poor quality, crackly, and downright odd on purpose, whilst invoking a feel i described to a friend as "Well, shit, there goes reality, tearing appart at the seems and making a general chaotic mess of things.", as the boss it's supposed to be used against is... Well, pretty much doing just that, tearing reality appart.
For once, i managed to get M2K's flip-flop nature in regards to when the phase effects worked as they should, or instead just added a layer of static over the riffs, as well as the general errors or clicks you got from fusing samples together, to my advantage. I also worked my "make certain samples loop in a way that winds up sounding odd and technically incorrect" habit into it in a few places, but it isn't the most triumphant example of it i've done.

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Wow J this is really good.
Its got this sorta old school street fighter vibe to with the main melody , I love all the sounds that interact within it - the pads , the strings , that cool lil blip sounding thing...I have no idea what that is...but it rocks...
It's got a hell of a groove to it and its a catchy fucker.
Love the ending fade-out...and you bring up the drums again and - silence. :)


I love that stop/start sound, very catchy. This is a bloody good game track, its very impressive. NICE!
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this is one catchy ass song.  i agree with dreadspawn...i luv dat stop/start sound.  amazin work j.

Master Dutch

great work here man. You create some crazy shit. Glitchy and lowbit but not in the production. Very polished and progressive.


Cheers, everyone! Glad this one's gone down well, considering it's experimental nature.

@ DreadSpawn & ZoDiaC - Hahaha, yeah, i like the stop/start sound as well. I've heard it used in a couple of other songs before and wanted to try it out myself.

@ Dutch - Reading the words "You make some crazy shit" just made my day, no joke. It means i'm doing my job RIGHT.
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