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Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, November 01, 2010, 05:29:45 am

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November 01, 2010, 05:29:45 am Last Edit: November 02, 2010, 11:08:46 pm by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE
Sorry for the late release, i was out trick-or-treating and scaring people.  BUT HERE IT IS...6 TRACKS (PLUS A BONUS) OF PURE HELLOWEEN HORROR.

I. wHELLcome 2 Shady Hollow
II. Haunted Streets
III. Devil'z Playground
IV. Hell Houses
V. Condemned Spiritz
VI. What Lies Beneath
(BONUS): October 31st


Master Dutch


Can't believe I missed this Z , downloading just now...should have a review by tonight mate.


Download finished , let the evil ensue...

wHELLcome 2 Shady Hollow
Like the sounds of the intro , chillin stuff dude. That single piano key melody is just so subtly evil.
The beat is as tight as you'd expect from a ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE track. I love how it there a slight variations of the beat
within in the sometimes as u'd expect - a kick n snare...then degrades to effects...sounds awesome mate.
Nice one.

Haunted Streets
Woah , ok if that last one was a welcome things are truly tits up now. This sounds like the theme that plays when every evil theme comes crawling out the woodwork. I love the piano work you do in your tracks Z , chilling key work.
And the beat just fits in nicely...theres an effect that plays every 4 bars or so that just adds to it.
Great stuff mate.

Devil'z Playground

This beat is catchy as hell no wonder the Devil likes it. Another subtle evil melody lurking over it. This is truly wonderful Z , hands down this - with ur Saw theme remake is my fave you've done.

Hell Houses

From the piano melody I'm getting an old-school horror vibe. I love the echo on the snare , the effects in this and throughout are brilliant...really setting the tone and the vibe with what you use. Can't mention that piano melody
enough though...you really are best at this style man.

Condemned Spiritz

Is that strings or ? ...oh damn...this is awesome...I didnt know evil had this much of a groove to it.
I'm truly running outta words to praise what your doing...but the string work is amazing...I love the sound of the hi-hats in this one...another favourite for sure.

What Lies Beneath

From the get go - evil keys...love the way you have the chords in synch with kick here. You with this back catalog of work you do know you'll end up being the composer in hell...eternal torture to the sounds of ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE.
Loved it mate.

(BONUS): October 31st

For the first couple seconds there I thought " Is this a rave track ? Is he doing a rave track ? " ...silly knowlesy lol.
First off - love the pads. The drums - again top notch stuff an so are the " demon keys " .
Like the guitar ? ...is it guitar ? ...I'm assumming its a guitar...whatever it is it sounds awesome nice an reverby.

Well mate , I loved that.
All were kick-ass but my stand-out favourites were - Haunted Streets , Devil'z Playground and Condemned Spritz.
Thanks Z.


Master Dutch

I just realized I didn't tell you how much Devils Playground was awesome so before I commented on your newer stuff. Let me tell you that this shit was perfect marching music to die to.....Your pianos always have this lingering effect thats truly wicked Z.

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