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SoundCloud mod?

Started by Not a Number, October 22, 2010, 10:27:51 pm

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Not a Number

Since I've started using SoundCloud as one of my music hubs (I can only upload 120 minutes of music on there, since I don't have a Premium account with them), I'd personally find it easier to have SoundCloud's player embedded into my post itself, rather than posting a link to an outside page (much like what the forum does with YouTube videos)

I've had a look through SMF's community forums and found this thread where someone's coded the BBCode for SoundCloud's player for SMF 2.x and 1.x.

Just figured I'd throw this suggestion there. :)

Casper AudioGhost

i don't have a soundcloud account yet but i think i'm gonna get one-firstly i do full length sets in trance electro and other dance genres alsobecause i'm planning to make some full length all original sets with jeskola buzz and mixed in vdj soon-don't know if i can figure out how to embed the code here but i'm sure i can get some help-thx nan   casper


I have a Soundcloud account but i never use it. The player is great and they updated a couple of things this week. Im interested in getting the player to play here but i would rather a way to get a player emmbeded here natively so we dont have to upload there then rethread from there to here. Alot of places offer emmbeded players but they never work here. Maybe with the move to the new SMF2.0 running things a bit differently, some players might get posted. I wonder if the MODS can find a TIMGUL ready player for general audio play? JLV maybe. Still hoping for a random song player to get permanently emmbeded into the main page. Soundcloud is a pretty good site. But TIMGUL is better!

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