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Koolassjoe presents... Joe Beats - "The TIMGUL Report" vol#5

Started by Koolassjoe, October 21, 2010, 08:58:59 am

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Koolassjoe reporting for duty...

Im calling this one

"the TIMGUL Report." - Vol.#5

Part Five of a rare and unreleased compilation of Koolassjoe tracks made exclusively with MTVMG1 for the PS1...
In essence, it's being released here... The International Music Generator Users Lounge.

1)   Zepplins Nightmare
2)   Supreme
3)   The Drum Lords
4)   Ninja Rock
5)   The True Ninja Rock
6)   Nobody Could Touch It
7)   Mortal Kombat (Cover) Warning* Low Volume
8)   Yo JOE!

Listen, comment, rant and rave.
Should ya friendly neighborhood KOOLASSJOE keep the music flowing????

TIMGUL 4 Life!

keep it frosty! Expression > Expectation Thanx 4 Listening

Fear 2 Stop®

Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop


Life can be hard sometimes. We all need an outlet, whether it be sex, speeding, violence or creation. I chose creation. Enjoy  .http://www.youtube.com/user/DreadSpawn2142?feature=mhum


The usual fare here, my friend. Loved 'Supreme' and 'Nobody Could Touch It' especially.
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™


outta all of ur TIMGUL REPORTS, i hav to say dat dis is my favorite.  u can probably guess which track is my most favorite; Zepplin's Nightmare.  i luv dat dark tribal sound to it...FUKIN INCREDIBLE.  my other favs r "The True Ninja Rock" and "Nobody Could Touch It".


Good looking guys! I get the feeling Zepplins Nightmare is a TIMGUL fav! Nobody Could Touch it was a track i set up to flow to when i still had that in me. Thanks 4 Listening!


This is some amazing work Joe. Loved Zepplins Nightmare , The True Ninja Rock , Mortal Combat ( Hopefully you can re-edit this cause it sounds amazing mate ) and Yo Joe (Master)...what a beat man.

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