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Fear 2 Stop - The Anthology- Volume One: The Early Years

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Fear 2 Stop®:

This will be broken up into various posts for each Volume. This first one deals with a  pre-F2S tracks that were done. By the time we become Sanity's Requiem, you'll start to hear some more familiar type things. I've posted the read me file that comes with download.

Just load up the winamp playlist (m3u file entitled Fear 2 Stop The Early Years) and it will play the songs in the correct order. For some reason winamp names them

"track 2"  and such, only occasionally naming the tracks by their correct name. So, um, yeah...

FEAR 2 STOP- The Early Years

The Tracks:

Lord God of Host - Recorded fall 2000. This track obviously pre-dates Fear 2 Stop.  The vocalist is named Julie Elkowitz...I produced a session for her and her

mother that day for a college project. Although incomplete  (and ad-libbed!), it's worth inclusion for historical purposes.

Pale Blue Sky- Recorded spring 2000, also a college project. The lead vocalist/bassist had a phobia of headphones (!), the drummer was actually a guitarist who up

until that point had never drummed, and I sang backup, produced and mixed.

*= Me Only      #= Raymond only        ^^= both of us   @= Me & Dana

Chork*- April 2001. This commercial was for a class project. I'm the voice of the salesman, and also wrote the thing. Enjoy your chork.

Buttfucker Symphony-@ Recorded Summer 2000. This is a proto-Fear 2 Stop song, in that it consists of Dana & I working, but at this point it was more of a hobby

than us working on music just for that sake. Obviously tongue in cheek, and could NEVER put this out commercially. Recorded on Music Generator 1.

The Flood:* June 2001, first week. Shortly after Dana & I got married on 26 May  (Raymond was best man!), I received Music Generator 2 as a gift from

Raymond. Well, the honeymoon was cut short due to me needing an emergency root canal, and then a massive tropical storm. At pretty much the same time. So, I

passed out on Vicodin and Fear (which would make a GREAT song title) with water approaching the front door of my mother-in-law's house. I woke up at about

2pm the next afternoon, surprised to find myself not underwater. The rain stopped right at the door. We also still had electricity, just no TV service. So, we fired up

the PS2 and specifically MG2...although I'm the only one who worked on it, and it was mostly premade riffs, this is a nice first effort. Plus, I wrote it in about 15-20

minutes, very inspired by the flooding outside. We also recorded a comedy tape at the same time, but that's for another time...

Polar*- Sometime in the fall, 2001. There at one point was a finished version, but it no longer exists. Long story. This sadly is only surviving version, and the cassette

tape is deteriorating, hence the tempo snafus and occasion sudden change in pitch. There are a few custom riffs in there too.

Here With You- ^^ Oct. 2001. One of our final attempts at using predominatly pre-made riffs, this time going for a rock sound. A bit out of chronological order, but

this was a stylistic departure and would stand out either way.

Alien Ascension-# Sometime in the fall,2001. This is Raymond's track. At that point, having recently decided that the two of us making music wasn't just a passing

fancy, we each started working on material. This is  Raymond's 3rd track he'd done by himself, and if you listen closely, you can hear glimpes of our later style.

Dry Tears-# late Summer 2001. All my songs were made with premade riffs with a few custom ones. This was Raymond going the complete opposite route...he

never had learned how to best use the premades.  So, he took a chance and did it all from scratch, with very few premades. I took heed...

In a Sense *- Sept 2001....all of the notes made shapes. Like balloons and such. I will have to upload pictures to understand.

Now, from here on out, we're a group.

Afghan Bound (R.Proseus/B.Castillo)= October(?) 2001 . Not 100% sure on the dates, but by this point we're a duo. At this point we were "Frog and Beaver". I

was Frog. This was indeed a response to the events of 9/11. Premade riffs are gone, never to return except on extremely rare occasions.

Garlic Crosses (R.Proseus/B.Castillo) - Winter 2001. Written about 3am-ish. Good indicator of where we were going, but we didn't take it as seriously then.

Inbred (B.Castillo)- Jan 2002 - Features my trademark humor.

Interlude (B.Castillo) - Jan 2002- Just part of a track I never finished.

Somber Tears (R.Proseus/B.Castillo) early 2002- Premade riffs until the end. That was my idea to interpolate the Hymn of the Fayth from Final Fantasy X and to put

the beats with the froggy snares in.

 Vortex Deux (B. Castillo) Feb 2002...the middle section of this song is a harbinger to more familiar F2S moments.

Stairway to Heaven (cover) Spring 2002. I did this by myself in one night, just to see if I could

Carnival (R.Proseus) July 3,2002. Remember this song well, as I lost my job a day or so later. Raymond & I wrote it the new apartment Dana& I moved into, and

he & I wrote & nearly finished it that very day. On the way to Burger King, we started talking about "Frog & Beaver" being a stupid name. Thus, this song became

our first as "Sanity's Requiem". I still consider it the first TRUE Fear 2 Stop song.

Grafik Muzik (R.Proseus/D.Castillo) mid July 2002. First song written without me present, but Dana did her first contribution to the group.  We're just by now finding

our sound...the sliding bass that has become one of my trademarks was actually done by Dana.

Turmoil (B.Castillo) July 2002 Started off as a cover of Whole Lotta Love, but I got inspired to take it somewhere else, instead. Interestingly, Raymond ws writing

darker material at this time, yet my stuff was relatively poppy.That will....change when you hear the next volume...

Fear 2 Stop®:
Bump....hope there's interest in this...spent a LOT of time on the sequencing and the summaries....AND hunting all of these tracks down!

Fear 2 Stop®:
Bump again.

sorry i didnt check dis out earlier (ive been putting da halloween mega mix together so it could be ready for friday).  but im downloading it now, so once ive checked it out, ill let u kno my thoughts.  btw...idk y nobody else is commenting...i hope more people check dis out.

Fear 2 Stop®:
Thanks dude...actually I noticed nobody's really been posting past few days, which is okay in a way because I've been catching up songs that have been posted while I've been away.

Please let me know what you think. This and the next two volumes happen to be my favorite F2S music. I think we reached our peak in 2003, although we're starting to hit our stride again. Sadly, most people have *never* heard this material except us.


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