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Database and software update

Started by DJ_Omnimaga, October 10, 2010, 02:40:50 am

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We have upgraded to MySQL 5.0 and SMF 2.0 RC3, which fixed a few of the forum errors. This version of 2.0 is much more stable than the one we tried one year ago, but I took a backup before upgrading, in case.

Unfortunately I could not find a SMF 2.0 rendition of the SMF 1.1.11 theme so the site looks very different now. However, I might be able to reinstall some new themes at one point, when I get more free time.

Also some forum members had posts that were not assigned to their account. This was fixed.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer




Let me explain.

Im 32 yrs old right now (10/10/10) and its my only Son's second birthday. (Happy bday JJ!) Im scouring my work trying to get a 5th "TIMGUL Report"  ready & in you guys hands. Ive been around for sometime now and have JUST recently started to come out of the old shell. Ive been an advocate for MTVMG1 since its release and have alot of music recorded as well.

I found TIMGUL using my PS3. A few of you may know what its like to use a PS3 browser to do your interweb thing. Its horribly limited. A few of you may not know that my 32yr old ass was limited to my PS3 browser as my ONLY browser because i've never officially owned a PC. Its stupid really. When the PS3 dropped a few yrs back i spent a good amount of cash and continued my video gamer lifestyle without a care in the world. Im an old school gamer, im sorry... from NES to PS3... thats mainly why i used the MTVMG. Its alot of what i need on a console i owned.

Now to the point.  Ive been here all this time using the PS3 to hang out here with my TIMGUL fam. My main issue is the PS3 browser cant interact with TIMGUL very well. I can post comments and topics and polls but the PS3 browser cant download or upload any media to TIMGUL. Period. For two yrs i could only listen to TIMGUL work if it was in a youtube posting or the link was hosted outside by a source that the PS3 accepted (and that was rare). My 1st conversation with anyone here was with Omni in a PM about the situation. My question of course was if he knew what the PS3 issue was. It was all about the forum framework. That was 2yrs ago. Today, You guys have fixed my issue with this upgrade!!!!!!!!!

THE PS3 can now interact with the site properly now. On a chance i said to myself I wonder if downloads work now... Hahahaha... HAHAHAHAAAAAAA... you done made me happy! Now i can listen to you guys and play your tracks from my playstation like TIMGUL should be. Some things in life are simple and grand at the same time.

Thanks to the Admins and for keeping the site going. Special shout to Omni! This upgrade is important to me. And i needed to say so. Sorry if i flood the boards with comments but i can really enjoy all of TIMGUL's music now.



Oh wow I remember now. It sucked you couldn't upload/download x.x. I run another forum and I have heard about this issue  a few times afterward. I guess it is amazing that SMF 2.0 finally reached something useable on a real website. One year ago, I installed 2.0 RC1 here and it was a major hassle. Then I attempted an update to 2.0 RC1-1. It destroyed the database and the database backup, causing TIMGUL to lose about 3 months worth of posts and shut down for one entire month. Afterward, I decided to never upgrade again until it's safe and we had to stick to v1.1.11. In the past months, I saw on SMF site that almost everyone was switching to 1.1.11 and they had no issues with RC3, which has been out for months, so I thought about giving it another try on TIMGUL, since TIMGUL only uses the default SMF theme. (On my other site, I will not switch yet because I use custom themes I made myself and many mods that would break if I upgraded) I am happy this update was successful.

I do not like the new theme as much, though, because I was used a lot to PHPBB, InvisionBoard 1.3.1/2.0.x, MyBB and Ikonboard style, but I guess it should do the job fine until I find alternate themes. Most of the ones DJ Droppin installed a while ago won't work on 2.0 RC3.

I'm glad this solved your problem at least :)

Btw I'm still learning how to use SMF even after 2.5 years. X.x Did you guy know that the icon located above the Report to moderator link is an inline post editor? It lets you edit your post without loading another page. However, it may not work in all browsers. The thing, though, is that I just discovered this a few weeks ago D:

SMF is a nice software, but there are many hidden features x.x
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Casper AudioGhost

really glad u have full access now joe-i like this layout-one thing in particular i just noticed is that on the profiles you click show posts-the under that is posts,attachments,and topics-every attachment i have on the forum was there-easy to find my songs(both music generatior and other software tracks)and my dj mixes-i think everyone else is gonna like the upgrade too               thx omni                     casper


I LOVIELOVES IT!!!!!!! The forum needed a revamp and now it has happened :D WOOHOOOO


When the site loaded up tonight I thought I was gonna read some message that it was down or something. But when it all loaded I finally got a chance to see how awesome its looking.  ;D

Master Dutch

I love it. and thats a cool story Joe. Have a happy birthday!

This is so much easier too. I hope some of the other old posts show up too. Nice Omni. Thanks I think its great!

Master Dutch

everything fits perfectly in the screen of my laptop...! woo hooo!


Loving the way the site is. I agree w you Casper... The attachments link under user posts is really Kool! Theres alot of info and i think cleaning up the profile page was great move. The theme is not bad at all either. Now i get to see everyones avatar. B4 some avatars didnt show up. And now we see yahoo & msn bots too. lol. Upgrades = Evolution.


Fear 2 Stop®

Ja, I personally prefer the theme now!
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.:DJ Droppin:.

I really like these upgrades. The format is nice, clean, and the website engine seems faster, less laggy. Nice work, Kevin!  :)
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DJ Eddy

yea this looks much better...more up to date.
Cheers DJ Omnimaga...you the man.

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