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Where do i put my tunes?

Started by spacekid890, September 17, 2010, 01:05:59 pm

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I use music 2000 aswell as audacity and virtual dj and virtual keyboard to produce my tunes.Im woundering where i should be putting my them can they stay in MTVMG music showcase, or do i need to move them to Music Showcase (FL Studio, Ableton, etc)?
Any help would be great I wouldnt want to be missleading anyone.
cheers ;D


This is all a Koolassjoe opinion.

Do u mix your set up? i mean do you make your music on Music 2000 and then transfer over to virtual dj/keyboard? If so, i think music showcase is the place to post. Although if your song uses Music 2000 alone then MTVMG is the place to post. imo, I always thought that MTVMG showcase is there for generator music enthusiasts. By posting music thats been fine tuned by an outside source it would confuse people who were studying up to hear sounds that are impossible to reproduce with Music 2000 alone. But then again the opposite is ok because a track made on Music 2000 and fine tuned by an outside source shows off the capabilities of the Music software even though its has its limitations.

Its really up to the mods to say. i imagine if its predominantly MTVMG then its MTVMG. Everyone here knows those sounds very well. & obviously anything made from anything else is not MTVMG work. Although now i have a question too! Where would you put a track if you sampled the MTVMG "Riff library" using an alternate piece of software to make the track?


i think you hit nail on the head mate cheers, im gonna shift my new tunes over to Music Showcase (FL Studio, Ableton, etc), and leave the MTVMG music showcase just for that purpose.
thanks for your help Koolassjoe.
i think your question could open a whole new can of worms lol


Well now you guys got me questioning myself!!!
I use a lot of the samples from MTVMG software in Fruityloops...but I post all my music under Music Showcase for Non MTVMG software!
So now I just don't know anymore

Master Dutch

next thing you know there will be a showcase for hybrid producers...lol


LOL. Thats my question too. I generally sample from all over so my sound bank is usually full of percussion. That means that i predominantly use drums from the MTVMG library sound bank and get the rest of my piece from outside sources. I still consider it MTVMG showcase material because im still creating it all on the MTVMG software. But whenever i incorporate an MTVMG Riff into an MPC, i kinda get confused.

Im guessing the question is what makes a song MTVMG showcase material? Is the sound library what makes a song an "MTVMG song"? Or is it because you used the "editor" to make the song?

Casper AudioGhost

my song change yourself was predominantly made in mtv mg but i used magix music maker to add my own vocals and a back kick and snare-it's only natural to do the hybrid thing cause it's fun


Quote from: Casper AudioGhost on September 19, 2010, 02:59:58 am
my song change yourself was predominantly made in mtv mg but i used magix music maker to add my own vocals and a back kick & snare...        casper

i would say its MTVMG showcase material because vocals aren't considered software and a kick & snare aren't considered an entire song. Ive taken beats and added vocals and chorus bits and would say its MTVMG showcase material because you cant record vocal tracks w/o anything else. Hybrid production is possibly the majority here because the software is old & most of us ended up wanting alot more once you started to master the software anyway. And making music trumps tech any day so unless we get a new generator... Hybrids we become!

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