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Started by Casper AudioGhost, September 12, 2010, 07:24:27 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

this is an old country n western styled track with a blues bassline,swing rhythm n a steel guitar lead i did as an experiment a while back              check it out          casper



nice beat and a very catchy simple yet simple bassline... I love the sweeping gentle melody on the guitar the creeps in every few bars. Very chilled and relaxing.

Nice work as to be expected casper.

I'd love you take on a full blown rock\metal song though...that'd be sweet. :)

Casper AudioGhost

thanks knowlsey i appreciate your comment-i'm not sure if i have the skill to do that but i'm fairly good at melody-would be cool to make a melody and have another guy adapt it into a track                                                   casper

DJ Eddy

Nice tune, loving the beat and bass.
Funny i wouldnt expect this sort of music from you. lol
Good stuff m8.

Casper AudioGhost

lol i know-it was just one of those things i did just to see if i could figure out the formula       casper

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