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awakening(2004)lost track i recovered

Started by Casper AudioGhost, September 11, 2010, 05:00:03 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

hey guys-i been trying to recover some of my music that had been lost over time-my gf has some of it on mp3-i know quite a bit has been lost but recently i have found some music i had not posted here-this track was made in 2004 and recorded in 2005             casper

DJ Eddy

Very nice melodies in this trance song.
This is some top music i used to listen to this sort of stuff all the time, would probly go down well in ibiza.
Good work m8.

Casper AudioGhost

thx eddy-the time that i wrote this song,i lived in a rundown rent house alone with a milk crate of cassette tapes and a decent collection of random electronic dance cds i had found in various pawn shops and thrift stores-before i had mtv music generator i had a crude setup of an old yamaha home keyboard and a little 2 channel mixer-i would record a drumbeat and bassline to a taperun it thru the mixer and play lead on top-i did stuff like that for years-mtv (m2k) blew my mind because all u needed was a very basic knowledge of music,basslines and a little melody,and boom-you had a track that was like old skool rave-so what if u prolly couldn't sell it or get signed-being able to make the kind of music i had always loved was a godsend- i never had any formal music training -i learned everything i know by picking out rave melodies on a casio with a shakey hand-now look at me-i actually kinda made it,in the sense that people from around the world have heard my music and enjoyed it-all because of this passion i have had for dance music my life has changed from bad to very good-tho it took like 20 years lmao



Casper AudioGhost

ty m8                           


September 14, 2010, 03:00:34 am #5 Last Edit: September 14, 2010, 03:23:07 am by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE
wow...dis is bad ass.  dat melody is top notch and hella catchy...sounds fukin great.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Man... I love the intro..... It's great already and so catchy. You can hear those familiar trademarks you are so well known for. The arps and synth bass flow perfectly with your captivating melodies. It is so fun to dig up old songs or find ones you either forgot or suddenly find. Nice work.
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Love the melody- all of it; the strings, the pads, etc.- on this one, AG. It's dreamy as all hell and really catchy.
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