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Koolassjoe presents... Joe Beats - The "TIMGUL Report" Vol#4

Started by Koolassjoe, September 07, 2010, 07:43:04 pm

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Koolassjoe reporting for duty...

Im calling this one

"the TIMGUL Report." - vol.#4

Part four of a rare and unreleased compilation of Koolassjoe tracks made exclusively with MTVMG1 for the PS1...
In essence, it's being released here... The International Music Generator Users Lounge.

1)   Triads
2)   Bravery
3)   Conan
4)   Sinatra (Cover)
5)   Sinatra (Remix)
6)   The End...
7)   The End... (Remix)
8)   Whales

Listen, comment, rant and rave.

TIMGUL 4 Life ////////keep it frosty!////////Expression > Expectation

Thanx 4 Listening

Master Dutch

1)   Triads - ...lol..8 seconds?...I liked it tho I wanted a beat!
2)   Bravery............awesome!.....Great track..
3)   Conan.........my favorite track....loved how it came in and the synths, beat...everything...
4)   Sinatra (Cover)........great tune...epicness...
5)   Sinatra (Remix)..........Fresher and crisper epicness!
6)   The End...
7)   The End... (Remix)........distorted melody rocks...lol...has an undercover agent feel to it.
8)   Whales ..........love the 8bit melody! great deep moody piece...

overall great work Joe. You could have called this the Agent 007 mix with all the epic sound samples and such. 5* Keep them coming!


Yo thanks for the critique my TIMGUL brother... 007 Agent sounds like a good idea! lol. I just checked triads and the beat is long. maybe you didnt get a good download. i know i spent some time retrying the attachments but it is up and running! I really dont know how you heard 8 seconds but if you liked that then try it again and give it a listen! thanks for the words and congrats on the artist of the week!

.:DJ Droppin:.

September 08, 2010, 09:44:36 am #3 Last Edit: September 08, 2010, 03:23:04 pm by .:DJ Droppin:.
Oh nice volume 4... and AWESOME art work!

Triads - To me this has a very far east or Arabic sound. I like the minimal beat, percussion with the bongos, and shakers. I can almost picture people riding or dancing with Camels. :D

Bravery - Love the intro.. It's subtle, but different. Quite dramatic... The beat kicks in, nice and tight. Like your choice of percussion. Like the melody with? what sounds almost like a trumpet.

Conan - I like the snares and drum work.. the hollowed out drum sound worked with this.

Sinatra (Cover) - Definitely feeling this track. Love the James Bond feel to it. The guitar work is really good. Love the melody at :37 really sounds awesome. This might be my favorite one.

Sinatra (Remix) - Very crisp. Bit stronger beat. Like the change in percussion.

The End... - Nice samples.... This almost has a slight Big Band sound? Not sure. This one is quite catchy. Like the guitar squeal.

The End...(Remix) - Very similar thoughts to the other version, but loved the scratching. In fact I think that is the best scratching I've ever heard on TIMGUL.

Whales(Remix) - Oh... very oriental, but peaceful. Almost has a video game music and perhaps this is the scene of sailing at night under a starry sky. The Whales calling each other as you drift silently by them. I like the slow beat/bass to it too.
This was a good collection and great effort. A lot of versatility was shown here with percussion and guitar samples. I am not sure which collection I like the best. Maybe 2? Not sure. They are all outstanding.

-DJ Droppin(Rob)
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


Thanks Droppin. I hope whenever people check these threads out, they check ur reviews! You are a DJ!

The TIMGUL Report artwork is important to me because ive just started to understand how the hell to use the pc as my pencil (what happens when you become an urban hermit w/ decades of Music Generator training in solitude! i laugh at my old school analog self). My 1st Album was my 1st attempt to design my own designs (thats almost rap) so you can see a progression in order. With that said... this is my favorite so far. Took some work but it could be better.

Thanks for the critique. I think its safe to say this album is sample heavy and as always i try to mix up things a bit every round.

And as for the scratching... i hate the scratching sounds in these Generators! i figured out how to get some to sound pretty decent and i used some cheating w/ the echoes! Love the way it came out! Really dont use system scratching cause i started out as a DJ in highschool and can always pull out a turn table and some vinyl!!! And for you youngsters, thats a round plastic disc like object called a vinyl record and a machinima that plays the vinyl record. They are the lost and ancient medium that housed our Audio Recordings. And that sound is pure sound. Not crunched down MP3 sound. Damn dirty APES!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Rob!

.:DJ Droppin:.

You're welcome. I like to review like this as often as I can. The artwork is incredible you know? it just adds another element to things. Ohhh so that's how you did the scratching... it came out friggin awesome.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


i would put a full review of the album, but rob and dutch pretty much said it all lol.  but anyways, dis album is fuckin sick...every track sound great bro.  btw...dat cover art is hella wicked.


Quote from: ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE on September 08, 2010, 07:13:04 pm
i would put a full review of the album, but rob and dutch pretty much said it all lol.

Thanks ZoDiaC! Im feeling the Reviews! So even if you think your opinion is already spoken 4, u can post it up anyway! Its a great way to get to know you guys. Like Droppin seems to like his reviews possibly because he has love for this house (oh shit... just brainstormed 4 a sec) and the position he's in makes it very kool that he shows he listens. Dutch has a similar ear to mine so he's been supporting with posts cause he wants to let me know. Kool. Any creator here who has the opportunity to post up is Kool w Me.

Thanks for the listen. and thanks 4 the art comment. Looks like i made it in time 4 holloween even though theres no scary music up!


Some of my favorite work of yours on this one, mate. Really, there's some absolutely fantastic stuff. "The End..." was a huge favorite! I'll post a slightly better comment later, but i will quickly say that i don't mind some of the scratching sounds in the generator itself, but then in usually play with them in some way. Sadly, i don't yet have any decks to produce my own record scratches, but it's on my list of things to get, along with so many other pieces of tech.
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Expanding on what i said, The End... has an absolutely fantastic feeling to it. It's not so much' the end of everything, oh god' as the title would've implied, but it really sounds like the music to a dramatic battle of some kind. Whales was also tragically beautiful, and, much like The End..., ranks up there and one of my favorite songs from you, alongside China Rewind and Xenogears (PS1 Cover). The one thing stays consistant in your work is that even your most dramatic tracks sound very light and airy; they're not going to break many bass', but they have a unique, trippy sound to them. I can tell you like to use the 'Tube' phase effects quite a bit, and i say that as someone that uses them a lot myself (when i can get them to WORK, ha!).
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™


LOL- Good old phaze effects are hard to use just like the am channel and the band passfilters. "The end" is way too exciting to be the end! Thanx for the listen J. part 5 is on the way! you heard it 1st!

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