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Artist of the Week 9/6 - 9/12 *Master Dutch*

Started by .:DJ Droppin:., September 04, 2010, 07:32:58 pm

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.:DJ Droppin:.

September 04, 2010, 07:32:58 pm Last Edit: September 12, 2010, 05:05:05 pm by .:DJ Droppin:.

                  Residing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA "Dutch"
                    has been a member of TIMGUL since April 26, 2008.

        Dutch brought Hip-Hop to TIMGUL more particularly the beats, the
        sounds, the smells, and the vibes. He delivers a style of rawness with an
        unlimited creativity. He provides crazy breaks and melodies that stay in
        your mind. He gives you beats and percussion that flows for days, if not
        years. Last but not least he also has some really funky videos to present
        each of his songs and does a good job of relating his beats to the videos.

So onto the music.
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Let's take it back..... Back to 2009 with his release "Amphibious Hiphop"

Next.... The Classic "Techno Viking vs TheGreenDutch"

Now I want to switch things up a bit "Tron Beat"

(Please check out these links and give some props. Post a comment.)
                         Interested in more Master Dutch music?
                               Check out his YouTube channel
                             Check out his TIMGUL collection
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DJ Eddy

Yea man definitly deserves it..
Love his beats and Vids..

The Beat Master Dutch...


Hell yeah. Master Dutch deserves dis without a doubt.  His beats r dope. btw..his new mixtape is fuckin crazy. 

.:DJ Droppin:.

I just hope the format how I created this post and the presentation is good enough. I think it is visually appealing. It did take a little bit of time, but no biggie. Next week will be presented the same with the quirky MS Paint plaque featuring the Artist.  :D :)  Above all I hope it does what I intended this to do, which is draw more attention to the Artist as well make TIMGUL more attractive like a hot, drunk chick ummm yes.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin

Casper AudioGhost

hooray for dutchie(i do a giant bonghit in mike's honor)also something to add to the bio-2nd place in the timgul holiday contest(an amazing achievement)                                                                                         casper

Master Dutch


whoa....thanks guys......I really have to say if I didn't meet you brothers in music I wouldn't really be into this. When I first came to the site I really didn't have a direction. I mean I dabbled and messed around, but when I started to hear what you guys and some of the older members used to create it lit a fire in me.  I learned a lot from TIMGUL musically and socially and I hope we can have many more members join so they can see how great this site is. I have to say between all the little problems the sites been thru. This is a time that I feel TIMGUL is at its best. We may not have as many members as before, but the quality now is amazing and everyone is cool.

I'm kinda sleepy lol...now its 2:30 and I just got in and saw Rob had posted a link on my facebook. Good one....I was like yay! My girlfriend said she was proud of me. Thanks guys for real. I'd fight in war with you mofos....

I'll be back tomorrow to comment again a happy dude... thanks!

.:DJ Droppin:.

You're welcome. I have to agree if it weren't for TIMGUL I highly doubt my music would have progressed to the point now to where I have a few labels interested and signed under one. I don't think I would have learned and grown to this extent. Encouragement can make one be far more driven, successful, and inspired than they ever expected. I am glad that it has been a positive experience as well as influence for you and your music. TIMGUL is at its best and hopefully will only get better.
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Sacred Virgo

this is a nice thread, reminds me of the good old timgul times. so here are my thoughts about dutch. well he's not really into melody, it's not his thing and he's probably not even interested. his talent consists of growing up a unique style, which was possible thanks to his impressive skills in finding the weirdest bits, beats, thrashes, sounds, pieces of music found in the most unimaginable places, and mashing them up to create his own tunes. his music is urban, original, and most of all stylish. he really deserved the prize in the xmas competition, i loved his entry.


Wicked, congratulations to the Dutch Master!! :D

Master Dutch

lol...thanks again guys....I promise to do even more weird stuff in future...Rob great work on the layout of this. Its better then I expected.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Alright I have selected next weeks 'Artist of the Week'. I will be hard at work with the presentation tonight or Sunday...
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin

Casper AudioGhost

really looking forward to it rob,congrats to mike(dutch) u are the spirit of timgul bro                                 casper

Master Dutch

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