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pc on my tv

Started by Casper AudioGhost, August 20, 2010, 10:15:18 am

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Casper AudioGhost

hey guys-i had a birthday on the 12th and my girl bought me a blu ray player used for 77 bucks-had it 10 days and decided to take it back(30 day guarantee)it kinda sucked-i wanted it to watch youtube vids n movies but it really barely worked-so anyway at the pawn shop i find this old dell laptop with xp on it-99 bucks-it had an s video jack on it-but somehow the login screen was messed up so i rebooted it in safe mode and somehow fixed it-anyhow i been gleefully wasting  the last few days watching movie after movie streaming-just gotta say if u can find an old laptop with an s video jack it's a cool thing to grab-cause u can connect it to older large tv and if ur like me u have ton of movie and old  snes and sega games-i have always had this thing where i don't keep up with current technology but when it dies down and becomes cheap i swoop in and exploit the hell out of it lol                      casper

DJ Eddy

I do that all the time lol.
Love the old snes and sega games im a massive computer game player. playing fallout 3 atm, why i aint been making that much music lately lol.
Im always downloading or going on stream sites and watching movies, why not.

Master Dutch

thats awesome. honestly I love windows xp....lol....Its the only os i've found that will play my mtvmg2000pc without crashing constantly...plus its so easy to use and doesn't bog down your system like vista did.

Thats cool tho and for 99 bucks that beats out the price of one of those netbooks that can't do shit but go online....

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