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ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE - 2 Tha Max (rave beat)

Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, August 16, 2010, 05:28:46 pm

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This is hella old (i made this around the time i first bought mtv mg3).  This was actually before is started makin horrorcore beats.  I know this is not my style lol, so let me know what u think; whether its good or bad.



Hey i'm usually just a metal Fan and even i like this! Great work for an older track man. In fact, if you mixed this with some horrorcore...hmm i think that would be AWESOME!!! Cheers man!
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DJ Eddy

Cool beat at intro...nice heavy bass to..
prett good for a old track...


You still still hear the ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE feel on this track, even if it's an entirely different genre. It's dark, quite 'tech' sounding... Still a nice little track, though.
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Wasn't expecting this style.... Yeah the synths and sound you can still hear your familiar style to a point. Breakdown at 1:25, snare fill is awesome. Really enjoyed the synths from there to 1:50... Like the siren and how you broke it down. The synth that follows is PRO. I'd say overall this is pretty damn good.
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Wow...ok yeh I can honestly say I didnt not expect this from you.
Loving the bass with drums. Thats just brilliant mate @ 1:32. Liked the little hint of a synth u tossed in.
This is really amazing stuff , first I thought it was maybe a speedcore track but this just holds its own as
a really dark rave track.
The siren is epic Z and the section that follows with the laser sounds ? ...I think...is just wicked.
That was immensely good.


Yep this is a really interesting track some ready good fx's going on here, liking the basses, melodies really good raw sounds, liking the air raid sirens brilliant fx's.

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