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Koolassjoe presents... Joe Beats - "The TIMGUL Report" vol#3

Started by Koolassjoe, August 12, 2010, 06:23:31 am

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Koolassjoe reporting for duty...

Im calling this one

"the TIMGUL Report." - Vol.#3

Part three of a rare and unreleased compilation of Koolassjoe tracks made exclusively with MTVMG1 for the PS1...
In essence, it's being released here... The International Music Generator Users Lounge.

1)   Excelsior
2)   Soldiers Story
3)   Street Fighters Requiem
4)   Taioken (Anime Break Beat)
5)   Kiyoji (Anime Break Beats)
6)   Lindo Querpo (Salsa)

Listen, comment, rant and rave.
keep the music flowing.

TIMGUL 4 Life ya heard me!

keep it frosty!
Expression > Expectation
Thanx 4 Listening


    OK, just listened to the album. First of all your sound seems so amazingly pro mate. Soldiers Story was brilliant. With a heroic military theme and that kick ass beat, its really inspiring. If you had M2K for pc i would love to do a collaboration one day.   
    Lindo Querpo is bloody excellent! By far my favorate of yours, and i also loved Kiyoji, with Gundam quotes and all that fit spookily well.

Awesome album man, great work!
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Ah, nice. The usual goodness i've come to expect from you here, Koolassjoe.
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yo J! Good looking man. i try my best! Keep ya sound up u feel me!

Yo D! thanx 4 the listen man. Soldiers story erupted from my love for that heavy movie sound. i was looking for emotion with a kick to it. and i dont have MG 4 PC. wish i did. my PS2 is dead & i cant find a PS1. All my trax are old & rusty to my ears. when i find a copy 4 PC then its collaborating time! and im glad u like Lindo Querpo. I dont know how many users here like latin music or who speak spanish. Lindo Querpo is a fav! And Kiyoji...

G Gundam isnt most Gundam fans fav in all the Gundam Series but its great 2 me. Kiyoji has all of its components drawn directly from the Anime. The drums of course were MTVMG1. The melodies, that crazy bass line and all voices came from one episode and i had fun working on this. i was Making an AMV out of this but i never finished it. its crazy!


Excelsior was truly amazing...the same with Soldiers Story and the others. The sounds and the melodies that you pull out keep you hooked to the song is nothing but pure skill.
I'll be checking out more mate.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Alright here we go...

Excelsior - A very dramatic theme I hear. A great composition of instruments. I can see this being played by a famous orchestra or used during a battle scene in a mid-evil type movie. Beat is solid and at times very low. Nice snares and hats too. Well structured song.

Soldiers Story - Again wonderful use of strings here. This one is quite a bit catchier. Laid back and chilled to me.

Street Fighters Requiem - Oh cool intro with the bells. Yeah this is good. This is funky as hell. I liked that one a lot. Flowed smooth.

Taioken (Anime Break Beat) - Oh yeah LOVE this beat man! This is very PRO. Awesome use of samples EVEN if I can't understand Japanese  :D Love the hi-hat and pronounced kick.

Kiyoji (Anime Break Beats) - Again good use of samples. Pretty good, but to me Tajoken is superb!

Lindo Querpo (Salsa) - Great beat and use of percussion here, especially panning. This style/sound is not my cup of tea(or Mt. Dew), but I can't flaw the production and how well it is made.

All in all Volume 3 continues your assault of wicked, funky hip-hop beats mixed with breaks and at times classical overtones. Nice work again, Joe.
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Thanx for listening guys!

Yo! Knowlesy! Good looking man! Wait till you hear whats on the way If you like Excelsior & Soldiers Story. I got some stuff u might like coming soon!

Dropping... as always thanks for the Critique! Honestly your reviews are great to read. You should have a reviews section up! i was suprised u liked Taioken over Kiyoji. Kool! And i know the spanish track isnt your thing but you still listened anyway. thanks man! That bass is 4 u brother! TIMGUL 4 Life!

DJ Flippergob

Wow man...just...wow. I used to use MUSIC for the PS1 back in the day, but never realised it could do THAT!
Very impressed with the creative juices flowing out here.
Not only is it inspiring, but it's extremely refreshing to know that the MUSIC (programme) isn't dead!
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Thanks DJ Flippergob! Thats the truth! The Music series has seen alot of years under its belt! With that said i would imagine that some have become masters of the software just like everything else when given time. You have alot of music to listen to around here. And if people are still getting there hands on and experimenting with the games, there will always be great music to come thru in the future. Thanx for the listen!

Master Dutch

Soldiers story is absolutely OMG dope!
Streetfighters is great man. love that piano
Love the drum work on Kiyoji+ crazy sounds man..
Salsa is funky! and good beat on DBZ track

Overall a great ep man. I love the sounds you used and your beats were all done so well! Wow is all I can say.


sick ass album dude.  my favorite tracks r excelsior and kiyoji.  very creative with those melodies and samples.

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