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Koolassjoe presents... Joe Beats - "The TIMGUL Report" vol#2

Started by Koolassjoe, July 19, 2010, 03:29:31 am

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Koolassjoe reporting for duty...

Im calling this one

"the TIMGUL Report." - Vol.#2

Part two of a rare and unreleased compilation of Koolassjoe tracks made exclusively with MTVMG1 for the PS1...
In essence, it's being released here... The International Music Generator Users Lounge.

1)   Dead to the World
2)   One Shall Fall
3)   Salsa 2
4)   Santus Spiritus
5)   Spitfire(Original)
6)   The General(Original)

Listen, comment, rant and rave. Let me know if ya friendly neighborhood KOOLASSJOE should keep the music flowing.

TIMGUL 4 Life ya heard me! No one brings more fire to the field!

keep it frosty!
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Thanx 4 Listening

.:DJ Droppin:.

Dead to the World - Wow... You made this with MG Software? Superb... The Melodies are so unique. The sleigh bells actually work well here. Nice pounding beat.

One Shall Fall - Damn brilliant! So innovative technique with your structure. Good voice sampling too. Great percussion. Quite catchy at times.

Salsa 2 - Okay this one really changes things up. How do you get those sounds from MG? Jeez man.

Santus Spiritus - This is dope as hell! ... Incredible man. Like.... damn bro. The chants give it a haunting feel.

Spitfire(Original) - This one to me is more chilled. Nice vibe... Pretty straight forward. Great beat, quite catchy.

The General(Original) - Vicious beat on this one. Sounds great on my SonyXB500s. Excellently designed. Hats stand out great on this one.

Well man Volume 2 of your fantastic collection did not disappoint my expectations at all. This is some of the best beats/breaks/hip-hop work we've had. Yourself and Master Dutch are innovators in this genre :)
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Forgot to mention my thoughts on this the first time i downloaded everything. Dead to the World was really the only one that i had even the SLIGHTEST niggle with; the sample sounds like it changes key occasionally, and it's a little bit offputting. But, even then, it's only really something i notice when i activily listen out for it, and it's probably just me, anyway. I still enjoyed the song regardless. And the rest of the collection. Especially Salsa 2; i MUST know what song you sampled that from, Joe, 'cus it's fucking gorgeous. The Genera; was great, as well; it sounded really low key and atmospheric.
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You have a great ear J! You very right on dead to the world. The sample is a direct take from the movie "Queen of the Damned". The scene on the beach playing violin is this entire piece. Its part of the script and so its not on the soundtrack. The entire violin piece is totally free and was insanely hard to chop up and run seamless with the variations in the bpms. In turn the sample had to be tricked into matching up at different speeds. you can hear the off pitch right around the third bar and it then catches up b4 bar 4 starts. and the chorus was a different speed too. really hard to hear unless you have an auditors ear. then its just disgusting to hear. lol. So its not you. the beat was tricky to begin with.

And i wont tell you the bands name... but its a great and very "old school" salsero group.

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