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Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, July 02, 2010, 05:31:21 pm

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hey guys - how good is last.fm for uploading your own music as an artist?

what are its features, what does it offer?

Any drawbacks?

Would you recommend it?

Master Dutch

Lost of guys on the site use it. I think you should go for it.


You have to enter a phone number and an address??????


Interesting... i found my name there (I get nervous when i see my name somewhere ive never been) last.fm logs what people listen to so u can track your fans and check your demographics. i ended up creating a profile by "claiming" the one they had for me (thanx to j-machine on that, he listened to a TIMGUL report and it got logged into last fm). Even though i didnt upload anything they have a track list set for info and even an amazon.com link for purchases. It seems like a few TIMGUL cats use last fm as their main website too so i think its good enuff to warrant its use but im also new so i don't know how up/downloads work yet either.


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