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Two Questions. One for the Mods & One 4 the Users

Started by Koolassjoe, July 01, 2010, 06:34:19 am

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Question #1

For the Moderators

Is there any way to make a badge/avatar to discern which MUSIC / MTVMG version was used to make the song being posted? Example being i would start a new topic and i would be able to add the icon of MTVMG1 or MUSIC 2000 into the post. Maybe you could add some simple buttons next to the smiley faces or even replace some of them with MUSIC series icons. I figured most of the time theres the question "what program did you use?" and this sounded like a reasonable idea.

Question #2

For the Users

Ive read a couple of times that you guys dont have the time to post youtube entries of your songs. Anybody here wants some help in that field let me know. I actually just figured it all out myself and i could help out if anyone needed. i can put a track together with a pic and post em up real easily so let me know! Im not a pro but i can get it done.

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