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NEW radio show is back on and i will be playing u guys:)

Started by Casper AudioGhost, February 17, 2010, 05:40:16 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

hey guess what-i got my show back on www.global1fm.com mondays 9-11 est (east coast) and i just got the ok to play amature electronic music with the permission of the artists so i will devote at least 3-5 songs to u guys my pals so please let me know if ur interested-the songs must be free of profanity but this should not be a prob  cheers casper

Casper AudioGhost

here is my conversation with my manager
AudioGhost: i have one question-i have a lot of friends who produce amature electronic music-was wondering if it would be possible to devote a segment of my program to a few of these tracks
Whitelili: u make ur own show hun
Whitelili: if u have their permission.. i do not see why not
AudioGhost: ok so yer saying as long as i keep it g rated i can play who ever i want?
AudioGhost: yes i will have their permission of course
Whitelili: no michael jackson though lol
AudioGhost: no way lol
Whitelili: hehehe
AudioGhost: ok then thats great
Whitelili: but ur friends music.. with their permission.. ur show
AudioGhost: cool
AudioGhost: this makes me very happy and getting permission will be no prob these guys are dying for exposure
Whitelili: then go for it 
AudioGhost: cool

Casper AudioGhost

ok here is an update-i can devote my entire show to music by my friends in the amature music community but i need permission to play your music.at the moment i've got master dutch and jcw and possibly rob(droppin's)consent.this can be YOUR showif you want in the rules are this the music i play needs to be somewhat dance oriented no ambient or chill or speedcore but everything inbetween is what i will play trance electro house bigbeat breaks drum and bass psy danceable hardcore(within reason)no profanity,other than that there are no rules except that i may need an email of consent.i could play anything i wish it certainly would be easier to just play vocal trance and say the hell with it but i want to make my show-the showcase for the true underground-the rengades of electronica so what do u say guys it's up to you-is this my show or our show-you decide     casper

.:DJ Droppin:.

I wanted to say thanks to Casper to offer to play our music on your global internet show and give us good exposure like this.
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Casper AudioGhost

DJ Eddy


February 19, 2010, 10:29:25 pm #6 Last Edit: February 19, 2010, 10:36:10 pm by DJ_Omnimaga
Mhmm feel free to use any of my music that is located here or my other site in your show. If you are doing a MTVMG-only show, keep in mind some songs that are on my other site are not made with MTVMG, though (such as Euro Blast From The past, Everest and the mashups)

EDIT: I notice that Savefile.com has shutted down... also since most TIMGUL mp3s were corrupted from what I remember, I would recommend downloading my songs at the following URLs. Just look for the files that were uploaded under the nickname "DJ Omnimaga":


Good luck with your show and glad you alerady got a lot of listeners. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to listen yet but I might try to in the future. Does it require anything special to be installed? I am used to just type a radio URL in iTunes then it plays.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Casper AudioGhost

i have to postpone my return until monday after next because of a bad attack on my pc today i nearly lost everything but was able to recover-still my nerves are shot and i asked for another week to get back on which i was granted.i do not know for sure but i think my pc was intentionally attacked by someone who wishes me ill will anyway i will persevere         ty for your support all   casper


X.x that sucks, why don't hackers have anything better to do? It's like when spammers kept hacking TIMGUL site in 2008 until we switched to SMF, i had to check my FTP every day so my host won't suspend me for bad files.

I never had any issues regarding my own computer getting hacked, though, but again I always had latest Windows updates, antivirus and firewall activated. If you use an older version of Windows, like 95, 98, 2000 or even ME, then it could be an issue, though, since these are no longer maintained. Same if you download torrent/warez, some files will be claimed as clean, but they just hide viruses that will be discovered like one or two years later, then it will be too late as the virus will have damaged your computer files alerady. I generally keep backups of my important stuff like on a file hosting, USB flash drive, DVDs, CDs or another computer now, in case. But still, I wish people had better things to do than do harm to people.

Please don't give up, though, I would like to see your show at one point and from what I remember in an old topic of yours, if I read carefully you alerady had a big audience, right? I wouldn't be surprised if many people are interested in listening/watching it again if they like non-commercial music.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Fear 2 StopĀ®

You definitely have my consent to use any F2S stuff.

My computer gets attacked every couple of weeks it seems, so yeah, i know how it is.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop

Casper AudioGhost

hey yall-just gearing up for the show monday night-dutch i'm prolly making your short track"industry pornstars" as sort of theme/intro track-perfect for that-i am still gathering  good music this first show will have several artists from timgul as well as other ppl from music sites like jamwave and showcaseyourmusic-right now i have a selection from jcw-droppin-nakamura-dutch-bliss-even an old quade 77 remix i also have dj sonic(waiting) will be getting some more music later and prolly this weekend will record show-when i do i will post mp3 link-i prerecord music content in case of problems with buffering because of my older pc cheers guys   casper

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