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Started by YoungVito, January 14, 2010, 12:56:37 pm

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Hey how we all doin here?
First off my name is Sam a.k.a Young Vito, been making beats for the better half of 9 years now, and I owe it all to 'Music'.
I remember moving from New Zealand to Australia and seeing my Dad and my Brother again, at first I didnt like it here but I grew to love it.
Then one day I saw my brother arranging a beat on the Playstation One, I thought he was playing some weird version of Tetris because of all the blocks though lol.
Then he gave me Slipknot's self-titled debut album (this is how I also got introduced to them) and told me to listen to number 3, a track called 'Eyeless'.
Near the half-way mark the track breaks down into a heavy riff, which is here he told me to listen to, then I came back and he hit the play button on the controller and he's remade the break-down part pretty much note for note.
I was blown away, so of course I had to know how he did it, and sure enough I spent the next couple of weeks trying to learn it inside and out. I was only 11 at the time so alot of it just went right over my head.
Then one day we got the PC version of it which would allow me to set course on a 9 year endeavor and concreted music as an integral part of my life.
The PC version offered so much more and really made me want to keep doing this. The thought of importing custom samples and exporting the track as an mp3 file to listen on a CD or mp3 player, that was exactly what I wanted.
A few years pass and I've moved on to other programs and sequencers until finally coming across Fruity Loops studio. At first the name kinda threw me off but once I got into it and saw how technical the interface looked, I thought "This looks somewhat professional, I think I may have come across what I've been looking for".
So 5 years later here I am, Making hip-hop beats to collaborate on with artist's from all over the world and Recording my own original hip-hop tracks, though I admit I have been slacking off lately.
All thanks to a young kids curiosity.
And who said video games dont teach you anything?

Season 8

Welcome dude, strange how many people still use the software and are influenced by it. I'm sure you will make some great tunes and I look forward to hearing them!

Master Dutch

yep post some stuff up...nice to meet you....Do you have a youtube page?


welcommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme :D :D :D :D :D

.:DJ Droppin:.

Welcome. Looking forward to hearing your stuff.
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Fear 2 Stop®

Welcome to the site!

Looking forward to hearing your tunes...
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DJ Ryznup

Welcome, glad to have you aboard!

Hope your able to put some of your tracks up, I'd really like to hear some of your work.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."


Hey DJ ryznup liked your song buddy.................

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