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New Incentive

Started by Season 8, January 07, 2010, 11:15:00 pm

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Season 8

What I am deciding to do (and I hope the moderators will think this is a good idea), is make a new incentive to try and get more activity in the forum and try and encourage more comments in the tune making process. This kind of criticism has helped me in the past with people commenting on mine and sometimes I do note that some good tunes can go uncommented just simply because a lot of tunes have fell to the bottom due to the volume of tunes that are posted. Therefore, I feel like we as admins can do more in helping the people on this forum. I would still class myself as somewhat of a newbie and I always appreciated every comment given on my tune. But I came up with this little idea that I hope people will appreciate. So (on a temporary basis only) each artist will be given the option to get a tune of theirs stickied every week. This will be ONE TUNE ONLY PER WEEK, and after the week has passed the tune will be unstickied as normal. I hope people don't think this is a bad idea and if you want your tune stickied then all you need to do is PM and I will do it for you. I truely feel this can help the forum and encourage more people's participation. If you feel this is a bad idea, please don't hesitate to say so. I will dismiss it if the majority of members don't like it as I am all about fair and that's all I want to display with this idea.

.:DJ Droppin:.

I actually think this is an excellent idea. This also may help with posts becoming buried or forgotten as they often do once they are bumped off the 'Latest Topics' area. I like your ideas and creative thinking as an Admin. I'm glad I appointed you.
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Season 8

I will also be doing a weekly stickied list every Sunday so people know which comments have been stickied. I feel if an artist wants it stickied knowing it is their only one, then they must feel its worthy of some kind of comment be it positive or constructive criticism, therefore every member can see what is new.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin


This is a damn good idea.
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Fear 2 Stop®

I agree 100%...this is awesome.

Notice how much activity we're starting to have again? Just as awesome, I've been getting inspired by listening to some of the awesome new stuff posted over the past week.
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Not a Number

I like the idea of a "Featured Song"; kinda like what YouTube did* back in t'day.

(*since they just feature the same people now...)


Well I recon it is an idea that you thought up in your head.

Because that is where ideas come from.

I also think that it is a good idea, but needs work. For instance, how are you possibly going to judge which song is worthy of stickying? Surely LOADS of members will PM you with LOADS of suggestions for their own tracks.

The more tracks submitted, the more work involved to sift through them to work out which one to sticky.

Maybe there should be a limit to how many tunes a member can upload in a week, so we don't get inunenonandated. Therefore it will be easier to find one worthy of STICKYNESS.

ALSO. How long after a track is submitted will it get stickied? Then for HOW LONG will it be stickied? For 7 days after it gets stickied? Or just until the week is out?

Maybe you could work out a non-biased order - i.e a way for EACH member to get a track stickied?, so it is fair and no one gets missed out just because they don't have the time or confidence to ask to be stickied?
Perhaps by going in alphabetical order. Week 1 - a track by a member name beginning with A, Week 2 - B... and so on.

ALSO. What are you gonna stick it with. I mean THINK OF THE OPTIONS. Glue. Blu-tak. Cellotape, spunk... omg.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Rikki,  :D Glad you are back  .... You're a funny bugger!

I actually either ask my Cat for my ideas or I use the Yahoo! Magic 8-Ball. Nahhhhhh Anyhow....

So this one time I was .... oh never mind wrong thread I thought this was the TINGUL thread (c)DarkBliss 2009-2010.

You raise some good points.... When my brain is working I will try to add to things..... Oh hell whenever that will be.  :)
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space. http://www.reverbnation.com/djdroppin

Season 8

Well it's not me who decides, the artist picks one tune and one tune only of their own which is stickied for 7 days from point of sticky. This then generates more interest as people will immediately see which song has been stickied once they go into the thread. Like I said it's ONE STICKY PER ARTIST EVERY 7 DAYS. An artist can only put ONE of their tracks forward for sticky and it's not on a first come first serve basis. Again I will reiterate, it's one song per artist per week. I will publish a list of the rules set forward for this initative as soon as possible to allay any questions you may have.


Season 8

Rules are up dudes (and dudettes if there are any!)

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