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Author Topic: Uff Da!  (Read 1134 times)

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Uff Da!
« on: March 10, 2008, 03:49:08 pm »
Hi my name is Sean and I live in Poulsbo, which is near Seattle but may as well be in the outer crab nebula as far as them city folk are concerned. LOL. I am definitely in the boonies here, but it was a calculated move. After 10 years in the city I got tired of all the sirens and violence and tweakers going through my trash.  :o

Poulsbo is a Norwegian town, they have a viking festival where they eat lutefisk (don't ask) light a huge fire and throw fish at each other. All in all it is pretty entertaining, and a welcome relief to city life - if you can get past the fact that everything closes by 9. Uff Da is a Norwegian phrase meaning a variety of things. I think it is along the lines of Oi Vey.

Sooooo, I am a geezer but I know I am not the OLDEST person here (New Zealand, I am looking in your general direction).  :P  (let me know if you don't get you disk issue resolved). I won't bore you with a bunch of crap that will start to sound like a music history class... let's just say that when I got my first walkman it was made out of die-cast metal and played cassette tapes.

At that time we still had an 8-Track player in our house and we all thought THAT was pretty neat.  :blink:  

Like I mentioned in another post, I have been through a lot of phases in my life (old school rap & breakdance, new wave, rock, rave, punk) plus I was a Dj (mobile and radio). I didn't really have a pre-conceived notion of what my 'genre' would be when I got started with MTVMG. I like rave a lot, and I gravitate toward hard dance and house music, but I will take on just about any challenge if I am in the mood.  :ph34r:

The day I found MTVMG I had actually been part of an attempt at launching a punk band that fell apart. I was VERY dejected and upset that day, I was walking through the underground part of the mall at Westlake Center where the bus tunnels are. I stepped into Electronic Boutique completely apropos of nothing - I had never shopped there before - and I saw the MTV MG for PC there on the shelf. It was $40, and I thought 'what the hell, I'll give it a shot'.  <_<

That was the best $40 I ever spent, and one of the luckiest turns for me. As far as I am concerned, MTV MG PC really blows doors with it's signals and with the range of ability (for $40). Yes, it is unstable and it crashes, which is terribly vexing. But this has taught me to save every time I make a change to a song, which is probably a good habit to have anyway in our line of work.  B)

 :D So I am very glad to have found this community, I think this is the coolest. I have been producing since 1999 and have finished about 35 of my own songs, 2 mixes over 20 minutes, 3 song collaborations with Technetium, I have about 10 songs in various stages in my PC, I am working on a remix, and I have about half a million ideas flitting around the inside of my head.

My primary computer has been out of commission for one reason or another for about 2 years during which I used my mother's laptop (thank you mom). NOW though I have got my mean machine back and I am very pleased. Just last week I started moving files back on to there and I look forward picking up the pace with production work.  :D

In addition to the digital producing a play the clarinet and the drums, I have a keyboard and I got a guitar last year which I am practicing on and would like to play well someday. I can also play the kazoo!

I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing your music and I hope some wicked collaborations come from all of this. I have already downloaded the first master mix and just put it on my Juke last night so I can listen to it today as I go around town.

So, um... yea. ROCK ON!

ps Did you know Fat Boy Slim uses an old videogame console to get some of his samples? Yep. I heard him talking about it on the radio. He said it was ancient but it was one of his favorite pieces of equipment.   :lol:  
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Yours in the Beat,

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Uff Da!
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2008, 12:48:02 am »
Glad to see you around, welcome here :)

and does Fat Boy slim really do that? O.o Does he use stuff like Commodore 64 and SNES?
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