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I love this site

Started by Gruvenheimer, March 05, 2008, 05:57:14 am

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I am very happy to have a place to commune with other MTVMG users. For eons I thought I was the only one, and hardly anyone knows what I am talking about when they ask me what I use to produce. So I just say 'oh a video game'. But here is a place I can really talk about stuff and figure things out. Kudos!
Yours in the Beat,


Yes, this place is great. I love it. B)  
...let the music flow through your vains...


the one and only site on the net... spread the word...
will be great to hear your stuff on here too!  :D  


my thoughts exactly Gruvenheimer. i wanna say i feel your pain but its too familiar for now, but will later  :blink:
it's really funny telling others my music comes from a playstation or pc game, you can almost hear the cogs turning when they reply' oh...cool' or 'lol' which really hurts.

there was another site but its gone now, called consolemusicians.net, where all members were music owners. Zabolox was the admin. I think soundclick has or had an area just for console musos.
but this site is way better, good atmosphere


gotta say, 'pillage my village' is an awesome name! kudos!
Yours in the Beat,


Glad you like it :) I was glad that there was still some MTVMG users on Youtube. Also this made me discover that Music 2000=MTV Music Generator 1 and Music 3000=Funkmasters Flex Digital Hitz Factory, which made me discover even more people. Then I started uploading my songs on youtube and more and more people posted their vids. However there didn't seemed to be any real MTVMG forums around, not even for MTVMG3 and Music 3000. Just small french and english video game sub sections not really dedicated to MTVMG and pretty much dead too. The only forum dedicated to MTVMG was in german and had a virus back then. This is what made me start this forum. I myself never realised there were really that many people using MTVMG/2000 in the world
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Unforgotten Village Idiot

Quotegotta say, 'pillage my village' is an awesome name! kudos!

how about unforgotten village idiot?

haha  :D  
I am The Unforgotten.


Dude, how could I forget you??   :D

Your name is original AND thought provoking!
Yours in the Beat,


I've gotten plenty of those "you use a videogame to make music?!?" looks, myself - usually followed by gales of laughter.  (It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings, inside, when I can make others so happy, so I guess it's okay). :)

Screw 'em, though.  I create for myself - they don't have to listen to it if they don't want to.

Oh, yeah, back on topic - this does seem to be a cool site.


April 02, 2008, 03:48:54 am #9 Last Edit: April 02, 2008, 03:51:11 am by netham45
I'm new(obviouslly) and I know one person here, but reading through the posts, this seems like a nice friendly community. :D
Edit: I take that back, a quick glimpse at the members list reveals I know 3 people here, asides from myself.


Yes i have to say, this board is very good, i have tell it my brother (MikeDeEe) and he will come and use it too =)

For Somethingelse... it is easy to communicate with all here... because the most of the people are in the MTV-MG-Group of YT


And no one can say why don't you use a another programm...

A Great Pleace too share Music together =D

Maybe we could do a greatmix of all =D

DJane JaYDeEe


thanks, glad you like it :)

Actually I even noticed TourgeGlare (I think) posted about the site on another forum somehwere.

Of course people who join can tell people to use another program or that MTVMG is crap, but I doubt people here including myself will welcome them kindly if they do. Not that I would understand why someone who hate MTVMG would want to join a MTVMG site anyway lol :P

I hope the site get higher in google in the near future so more people notices it
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Indeed, this Forum is great. Not only because it allows those that use M2K, Or other Music Creators in the series to get together and share their Talent, but it also shows that what some people can do with the Program's is absolutely amazing.

The biggest Bonus is that for the first time in 8 years (Since i've been using M2K and Music 1), i can finaly say i'm not the only person that still uses M2K XD

" I've gotten plenty of those "you use a videogame to make music?!?" looks, myself - usually followed by gales of laughter. "

Been there, done that, BELIVE ME. What makes it worse is i acctualy am Anal enough to have a PSOne set up in my own School's music department for M2K Purposes... You can imagine the "OMG BITCHES BE PLAYIN' VIDEYA GAYUMS!!!!" Stares and comments i get on a weekly bases XD
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