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Started by Unforgotten Village Idiot, February 17, 2008, 02:04:50 am

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Unforgotten Village Idiot

February 17, 2008, 02:04:50 am Last Edit: February 17, 2008, 08:45:32 pm by Unforgotten Village Idiot
I thought i intruduced myself already.... hmmmm :huh:

uhhh..... :unsure:

Hey! Howsa going? My name is Erik Holmstrom. Im 15 years old. Almost 16. I live on a 40 acre ranch in Arizona (u.s.a.). I've been making music since like 2003 i think. My first song i ever made sucked. I've gotten a lot better in the past 5 years though. Im trying to post more of my music. but my computer sucks. So yeah.... :(

The program i use is MTV Music Generator for PC. I've made like 10 cds so far. (Like The Mynt RMX and Stab) I just posted my song stab. It should work.  B)

I play 2 instruments. Keyboard (for 7 years) and Guitar (For 4 years). :o

I have 2 songs that i made on Music generator that i origanally made on keyboard. K2C 1 and K2C 2.  (K2C stands for Keyboard to Computer) :blink:

A weird fact about me is that I have a BB stuck in my upper lip. I got shot on the xmas of 2006 by my brother. I didn't know it was in there untill it already healed up. (thats why it is still in there haha.) So magnets can stick to my face.  :)
I am The Unforgotten.


I,m glad to see you around :)

This sucks about the BB though O.o I'm glad you are ok at least.

I was starting feeling very young on this board because most other ppl who first joined were between 26 and 40 years old and I am 21 and half X.x
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



hey! are you trying to say 26 isnt young!? im 26 lol!


Nah don't worry I just meant that I was pretty much the only one who was still in the early 20s or under :P along with Tech87
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Unforgotten Village Idiot

Yay! Im the youngest here!  :blink:  
I am The Unforgotten.


Dude... sticking a magnet to your face rules.

If I could stick a magnet to my face that would be pretty cool... even tho I am sure it sucked at the time.

Does it hurt?  
Yours in the Beat,

Unforgotten Village Idiot

April 13, 2008, 10:10:46 pm #6 Last Edit: April 13, 2008, 10:10:59 pm by Unforgotten Village Idiot
It hurt when it happened.  :blink:

but not now. i don't even notice it at all.
I am The Unforgotten.

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