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A good day in the realm of music charts

Started by Not a Number, December 20, 2009, 10:40:47 pm

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Not a Number

December 20, 2009, 10:40:47 pm Last Edit: December 20, 2009, 10:43:58 pm by Not a Number
Now, I'm going under the assumption that most of you guys live outside the UK (as far as I'm aware, Dubya and CoLD are the only other ones that I know are UK-based), but this news is just too awesome to not pass on.

So, over here, we have this show on TV called "The X-Factor". Basically made to replace Pop Idol (or whatever "- Idol" you guys have. :P it's got Simon Cowell as a judge so you know what I'm talking about).
And for the past 5 years, they've had this thing where they've always taken the Christmas No.1 spot. I mean, it only makes sense... 19m people in the UK watch it and the single is released in the run up to Christmas.. so 19 million people can't be wrong... right?


Earlier this month, a couple from some corner of the UK set up a Facebook group to get Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine to Christmas No.1. Being a fan of rock/metal music and a hater of manufactured pop, naturally I joined and bought the song off iTunes. I mean, I'd rather have a somewhat old song that the musicians wrote themselves than a cover that was originally performed by Miley Cyrus. (Hell, the other songs from previous years weren't original songs either)

Well guess what.


Made the record of being the first Christmas No.1 from downloads alone. And of course, being the greatest c-c-c-combo breaker of all time musicwise.

So without further ado, The current Top 10 singles this week. Note the lack of X-Factor (Joe McElderry) in the No.1 spot. :D

Sacred Virgo

haha, funny initiative! choosing such a song was ironic and smart, charts around the world are just flooded by 'manufactured pop' (great definition indeed) and the X-factor show is responsible for promoting the ugliest radio-friendly pop bullshit you can ever imagine. here in italy we have the same tv format, just copied and pasted from the uk. the entrants, who are basically always good looking and smiling, are judged by three arrogant idiots pretending to be expert of music (of course they are, however their knowledge is all about the music industry, i guess they are barely aware that such thing as underground music even exists).

btw, other timgul members are from the uk, didn't you know? bliss, pillage, nak, johnp just to mention some

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