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Suggestion for the lack of getting any comments on your songs dillemma....

Started by Master Dutch, December 15, 2009, 08:36:02 pm

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Master Dutch

We should make it so if you post a track up. You have to add a comment to someone elses song and post the link or specify the song you commented on in your new tracks thread. This way everyone gets a comment or crit.

This has worked well in another forum I moderate. Maybe we could give it a try. It doesn't hurt to have to comment on a song 1st before you post your track up. This is a very fair solution I think.

Casper AudioGhost

everyone wants feedback on their tunes or we wouldn't even bother posting-the people on this forum when i first joined genuinely cared for one another and wanted to make each other happy-there was wonder and excitement every day seeing what new tracks were posted and who hit yer own tracks and the encouragement that was given-somewhere we lost that heart that made this a home instead of a forum.that made this more than a reverb nation or a gimmie sound-it was a place where a novice felt as important as a pro because we had an audience that we knew really cared-we can have that back if we just take a risk and let ourselves care again-and the one thing i know i can do is let people know i'm listening and that i appreciate their gift of music for what it is-a gift from their heart                                 casper


It's a damned fine idea, even if the point raised by Blonde Justice is a fair one. But to be honest, i doubt that would be the case. If there are people in this forum that still enjoy listening to one another's music (and i know for a fact there are), then it should take off and hopefully increase the activity around here, and, maybe, even the drive to post more music.

I do need to say though; I hardly comment these days purely because i am busy a lot of the time, with 6th form coursework, or, alternativly, working on music for a couple of games being developed (Don't get too excited; it's fangames and homebrew stuff), which eats up a lot of my time. Plus, given just how much i've missed in the number of times i've been inactive, i've got a lot of catching up to do. I just need to donate a day or two to doing it. Thankfully, this week is my last week before the winter break, so i'll have a little time to do so come next week.
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™

Master Dutch

Well what you'd do is. Make a sticky of the rules of posting in all the music showcase. (Above each genre, they get a sticky) State that you must comment on a song before posting yours. This keeps it fair. Reduces the amount of clutter and need to bump also.

I think everyone here who uses the program or not still has interests in what others can create. Just a thought.

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