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Caught Up in the Drama of the Moment

Started by J-MACHine, December 04, 2009, 07:47:31 am

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And now, onto the "Chaos: A Love Story" soundtrack. Chaos is a game being developed by a friend of mine for his game design class. He asked if i could do the soundtrack for him. And, well, how could i say no?

I don't THINK i've uploaded this one before... But if i have, i apologise. It's a song i WAS going to use for something of my own, but it better suited Chaos, so i donated it to the project. It's a mix of Techno and Orchestral music where, i won't lie, the main focus is the beat, rather then the melody.

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Casper AudioGhost

wow this one is epic very cool-ur style is very smooth-ur one of the best keep it up  casper


Aww, you seriously flatter me. The both of you. X//D

It is quite SNES-Like, acctually, Blonde Justice. I didn't really notice until you pointed it out. XD I'm shocked the background synth doesn't bore you. Whilst this song is quite old and was a track i reused for Chaos rather then something new (time constraints, y'see), i can remember at the time thinking i wanted a song that, rather then having the beat be there simply to carry along the varying melody, i'd have some very basic chords and put the focus on the beat. Hence why the most the melody changes is the strings and synth fading in and out.
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