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Geez, someone else new....

Started by Camwin, October 25, 2009, 11:18:00 pm

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Kia Ora guys.
My names Cam and have been using Music 2000 since 03 when i brought it second hand :)
Best thing i've ever done.
I'm a big trance fan but will listen to anything if it catches my ear.
Very keen to hear what others have done as there's not many people using this software.
Check out my youtube if you want to hear a few tunes, though i'll probably upload it with better quality later.
Still plenty to come and will make sure i post em up here.
Looking forward to hearing some new stuff.


Casper AudioGhost

welcoome camwin great to have u here will add u on youtube=and i think u will find a ton of great trance and dance stuff here    cheers casper

DJ Ryznup

Welcome Camwin. Never seen your youtube channel before but I plan on heading there to check out your music soon.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

Casper AudioGhost

just subbed u and added u cam   casper

.:DJ Droppin:.

Cam, welcome to the Forum. I'm looking forward to hear your productions. I'll also check out your YouTube channel.
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Sacred Virgo

kia ora (whatever that means  :D) cam, you are welcome. so you are a trance producer? very nice, i can't wait for you to show us your skills...again, welcome here  :)


dahaha 'Kia Ora' means 'Hello' in Maori. (and sometime 'thank you')
I'm a kiwi :P
Cheers team for the welcome.
I'm hoping to learn a lot more about panning and clarity with my productions.
I'm on a bit of a block at the moment so i'm also hoping this place will get me kick started again.
Thanks again.

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