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Possible Collab

Started by Season 8, October 21, 2009, 03:16:13 pm

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Season 8

It was brought up in the thread for my new tune (Will Smith One Arrows An Alien, cheap plug for ya there haha) that a collab between myself and Fear 2 Stop is one "waiting to happen". Now I've heard Fear 2 Stop's material and it is excellent, I would consider myself right now way out of their league, but could it be one that people would want to hear? Thoughts as ever are appreciated.

Casper AudioGhost

i encourage collaboration period-it's a good idea

Sacred Virgo

collaborations between members are imo the coolest thing (together with dj mixes) about this forum. of course it's a great idea, you're gonna learn a lot working with long time MG users like F2S. the result is likely gonna be fresh-sounding and brain-melting experimental music  :)

oh, and your weird style imo might match spacekid's style too...  ;)

Season 8

Never done it before so don't know how we could pull it off!

Season 8

I use the PC version of M2K yeah so sending the source files wouldn't be a problem

Fear 2 StopĀ®

I wish I had the PC version lol

I own MG2 & DHF. I actually own MG1, but do not have a PS1 memory card.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop

Season 8

The only way I use M2K is PC, i downloaded it haha But I've not problem working with Fear 2 Stop on a good few tunes, sounds like a great idea, I also would hae no problem sending my original source files because I back everything up as an M2K files and a .wav file

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