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Upcoming films

Started by BlondeJustice, October 03, 2009, 09:51:43 am

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I like A Nightmare On Elm Street, the sequels not so much. Anyone seen the trailer for the remake?


Doesn't look too shabby does it? I think they're hinting at him NOT being a child molestor and being burned alive unjustly, which would make him very sympathetic.

Another film called 2012:


Disastergasm! Looks like what The Day After Tomorrow promised but didn't deliver on, I think it's the same director too.

Might be an idea to sticky this if anyone fancies posting trailers that are getting them excited. :)



Bump just to put my two cents here...

I haven't had any interest in the movie industry as of late, because ever since 3D became the latest craze, it has takin over almost every single theater.  And I ask why... why must the movies be in "blurry vision" that I need to wear special glasses just to see shit pop out at me.  Glasses, by the way, that are always wet and gross, so why would you even attempt to stick that shit all over your face?  Sure it may be fun for like the first 5 minutes, but then it gets old.  And I know technology has improved over time, but people are definitely not learning from their past mistakes when 3D first came out in theaters many years ago, yet people act like its the greatest thing since underwear.  Obviously Last Airbender didnt fair too well in box-office, and part of it was cause of the 3D, and the new Resident Evil movie was filmed the same way, so thats like saying "hey let's take a shit on this already bip pile of vomit, cause the R.E. movies suck ass anyways just like every movie based on a video game, so obviously 3D will make it better, right?"

::Now for the Off-Topic Ramble::

And it's not just theaters too... now TV is getting the change as well, and yet again I find myself asking WHY... because did we not JUST got finished telling everyone that HD was the way to go?  We have  basically been brainwashed into thinking "HD tv will make me see the white heads and zits on a reporter's face, thats how crystal clear the images are", and now all of a sudden they decide to pull a fast one and go "LOL JUST KIDDING, 3D IS BETTER!!", just to simply cash in on this STUPID gimmic, cause apparently, someone somewhere thought that wearing sunglasses all the time while watching tv was a cool thing.

I will admit though, the ONLY people that got it right are the people that work in the video game industry... more specifically Nintendo and the 3DS.  These guys obviously learned from THEIR mistake (Virtual Boy), cause 1. you dont need glasses to play the games, and 2. you can turn off the 3D.  BRILLIANT!!  It's simple, and pleases everybody.

::Getting Back On Topic Now::

Which brings me back to movies... if 3D stayed the fuck away from the theaters and only stuck around with DVD releases that had a bonus 3D feature that I can turn on or off anytime I wanted, THEN I would still go out in theaters and watch movies, but until then, I'll find something better to do or watch something else thats NOT 3D


Adding more to your point CMG - I cannot watch 3d since trying to focus through the glasses hurts my eyes!

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