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Circle Time

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, September 29, 2009, 08:01:36 pm

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So for the sake of me, and as we do in Circle Time at the kids clubs I volunteer at...

My name is Rikki, and something about me you may not know is - I have Synaesthesia.

*next person*...

Casper AudioGhost

my name is charles and something u may not know about me is i have overcome severe sexual abuse and poverty :)

Casper AudioGhost

ty rik also could some one slip me some karma-would be nice to have at least 1 lol


hello im dave i am too an uncle its great :)

and like Tertiary i had a real bad drug addiction mine was with E's for about 6years but the main one is with weed and i just cant stop :( 13years now on that sh!t but on the plus side it helps me create my music, i feel i need it ? or its just boredom ? or too many dealers ? it does help being stoned when u wana make a tune

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