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corrupted files - attachments

Started by Shellshaka, September 26, 2009, 08:30:37 am

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Sacred Virgo

as you probably know, with the site crash that occurred months ago we lost a considerable amount of songs which were uploaded here as attachments. so whenever you try to download an old song and get into a corrupted mp3 please report it here so we can do our best to restore the link with an uncorrupted mp3. personally i can be helpful because i've uploaded tons of songs since i joined here; but unfortunately i couldn't download every single song on the site. so i'd like to ask everyone: if you notice someone is looking for a song which is currently corrupted, and you have the mp3 of that song, please let me know here so i can download it and attach it myself. thanks for your help, my intention is to restore timgul's database as much as possible.

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