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Post-"Phoenix" thoughts (/0)

Started by Not a Number, September 06, 2009, 05:09:20 pm

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Not a Number

After releasing Phoenix onto the internets, I went through the earlier stuff I created for /0 Part 1 (stuff that I haven't released yet) and listening to them, I really think they wouldn't be good enough to sell. In short, I think they were pants compared to what I've created this year so far (Clouds, Phoenix and Transition/Prologue: Into the Fire to name a few).
I'd go back and remaster them, but I really think some of them are beyond saving - the rest I lost the Memory Card file for (which was idiocy on my part) so I can't fix them. (I tried recreating one but I couldn't get it to sound the same to the original)

So, I've come to the (not very easy) decision of restarting /0 ..moreorless from scratch. This isn't something I've not done before: for instance, I once had the idea of making an eight part epic entitled "Re-Awaken: Act One" early last year, but I gave up when I (as I used to) tried to write the lyrics first and failed miserably. (It's very unlikely that this song may actually get remade, as much as I want to make it - even though its premise has been done many times before)
The only tracks I'm carrying onto /0 are the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph. Hell, I may even drop the name "/0" and call it something else.

However, fret ye not, peoples. I'll be releasing what I had created for "/0 part 1 EP" for free (with the exception of Transition/Prologue: Into the Fire) as it wouldn't be fair on you guys, seeing as you've been waiting over 2 years for this and these mp3s will be sitting on my harddrive, doing nothing otherwise.

There's only about 4 mp3s for me to hand out, so keep an eye on the Music Showcase section for those. (I was an idiot with the folder structure and the songs are scattered about so finding them will take me a while)

This wasn't an easy decision, but it's a fair one at that. It's a shame that /0 Part 1 was so near, yet so far.. and at the same time so bad. :P


Another announcement I'd like to make is that I'll be starting Music College this year and they don't use Music 2000 (though one of the tutors there did say he had heard of it in the past.."it's that one where it scrolls along, isn't it?") - I think they use stuff like Pro Tools and the like. Since I'll be switching softwares, there's a chance I'll be using a different name for my post-2009, non-M2K produced music. Still thinking on a name; might be some "corruption" or "opposite" of "Not a Number" (like idunno, one name flying around my head at the moment is "Alphanumeric") though my M2K-produced stuff will still go under Not a Number.

Sacred Virgo

September 07, 2009, 06:05:31 pm #1 Last Edit: September 07, 2009, 06:08:08 pm by Shellshaka
it's all up to you of course, but if i were you i would release a version of the record as complete as possible, for free, as a tribute to timgul members who shared here for free their records made with the MG series. then i would move forward and go for more professional productions with brand new software and skills and try selling music.  

Not a Number

Update: The following tracks have been uploaded:

- Infinity - Pt. 1
- Nothing's Impossible
- 32-bit Twist

Got one last track to upload, but that needs recording off the Memory Card file first.

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