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Started by quade77, August 24, 2009, 07:40:06 pm

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well ive done it :) number 1 in the whole country reverbnation dance chart, and broke into the top 10 in the whole world at number 10.

this is why i say keep the dream alive, because if you want something enough you can get it, keep making great tunes people and come and join me in the top spot.


Congratulations :D :D :D and what a wonderful message to share with people! Thanks for the inspiration dude!!


Well done Quade!! What's next bud? Any news from the people?

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Quote from: rikki-inside on August 24, 2009, 07:48:12 pm
Congratulations :D :D :D and what a wonderful message to share with people! Thanks for the inspiration dude!!

thanks mate, that's what i was thinking, thought it would give people here a bit more hope and some extra drive :)

Quote from: JCW on August 24, 2009, 08:35:26 pm
Well done Quade!! What's next bud? Any news from the people?

yes mate ive had lots of messages from the moment i hit the top 10, but now im in the No1 top spot, im getting offers to play at a few venues, but most are too far away for me, :( had offers for the odd remix of peoples tunes and my tunes,  , i have a online radio play on the 28th this month, and that will go to a viewer vote and if it dose well then i will get more plays out, one of my tunes has had over 780 downloads at 50cents US money per download, so you do the math, :D i will get the cash for that in a months time on pay-pal :) woo hoo, so yes mate lots of things are starting to move now, but still trying to get a tune played at a big club by some big DJs, and gonna get a proper album out soon, i would say another 4 tunes, im gonna sell it on itunes and napster and many others like Amazon, at the moment i have '''142113''' fans on reverbnation i can send messages to, so if i sell my first album for just £2.00 and everyone buys one , then i should do pretty well, lol to say the least, even if half buy it for half the price then its a result still. but to be honest even if 1 person pays money for it then its all good. and just to think non of this would have been possible if i didn't buy the very first Music game on the playstation 10 years ago.    and thank god for Ableton Live also lol when i get a bit better i will send my stuff off proper to labels, and have to just wait and see i guess dude, plus i want to get a better music set up, i need a new sound card and midi keyboard and a few other things.

thanks for the comments guys and good luck to you all in your music making :)

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Congratulations, glad to see all your hard work payed off.

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thank you very much JohnP and Ryznup, thats very nice of you fellas  :) :) :)

some answers to your questions john, ive been on reverbnation about 9 months now, but really got stuck in about January this year. registration is easy, but there are lots of things you need to figure out, its a little complicated at first, but you soon get the hang of it mate. it has some amazing features, better then any other music site, (except this one of course lol ;) ) its a proper site for the more serious producer, its got some massive names on there and in the charts, such as madonna, 50 cent, M & M lol the orb, jamie culem that young bloke that dose jazz, he is only about 10 places above me in the global all genres chart lol  and many many more ...

now there are a few ways of getting paid downloads, a few i wont say,  ;) sorry .  some are sponsored songs, which i posted about over a month ago and i have another way witch i am willing to tell everyone and i have already made a post about it on another thread today called - WANT TO GET PAID FOR YOUR MUSIC? i know a way you can easy! ill tell all there if i get almost everyone in on it, or at least a good few join up to it.

again thanks for the congrats dudes


Congratulations Steve mate, you deserve all the success you get.   ;)
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