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favorite tracks

Started by pillagemyvillage, January 19, 2008, 06:48:12 pm

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i was wondering if its possible to make a poll for peoples favorite tracks made in the music created section?  


well I don't think it would be possible to make a poll about this, because the poll choices limit is 100 IIRC. Afterward it mess up or something.

At one point I may try to find a mod that allow users to rate topics, so they could give the song topics a rating.

A topic where ppl post their top 3 (or 10?) favourite tracks on the website could be good too
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Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on January 19, 2008, 11:15:36 pm

A topic where ppl post their top 3 (or 10?) favourite tracks on the website could be good too

i've just had an idea about it. every month we could hold a contest to elect the best song uploaded during that month. every member of the forum could vote (for example) 5 different songs in a definite order: the first placed song would obtain 5 pts, the 2nd one 4 pts, etc. then it could be possible to calculate each song's score to appoint the best song of the month. then we could also create a competition to elect the 'best song of the year', simply choosing the best song between the 12 songs of the month (12 pts to our first choice, 11pts to our 2nd choice, etc).
of course we should create some simple rules that not allow to pick up more than 2 songs from the same artist, or something like that.
i think this could be easily become a classic, traditional feature of this forum, unless we do not take this kind of 'competition' too seriously. how about it?


I think this is a really cool idea.
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When I posted about TIMGUL Mix 5 and mentionned that the last mix ever would be posted soon (altough it eventually never happened), what I had in mind is some sort of SOTM (Song Of The Month) award. Every month there would be a poll allowing people to vote for their favourite song. There would be a poll for each categories (house forum, techno/trance forum, hardcore, dnb/jungle, rap, etc). In the last week of the month, if there are ties, there would be a poll between the tied results in attempt to break it and at the end of the month, each songs with the most votes in each categories would win the SOTM award. The reward would be that this song topic appears at the top of the list in its category. My only concerns are:

-would the polls get enough votes for the results to be signifiant? Since not everyone would have time to listen to every song or ignore some categories, the polls would be pointless if for example the song with the highest amount of votes had like 2 or 3 clicks.

-What would be the format for the first series of poll ever? I know in a lot of contests that were founded on many sites and other places, old entries, files and uploads were not taken into account. Should we do the same? Personally I am not too fond of the idea of having to spend a month on making 7 polls containing 900 choices total and I'm unsure if people would love to see the site front page be cluttered with such large polls. That would sure be a record of the longest internet polls ever. Plus I think SMF doesn't support polls with more than 100 choices
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I really like the idea. There's got to be a way to make it work.
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I agree, it would raise new and old muscians' confidence too.

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Sounds good as long as yr talking back catalogue too, lot of writing taking place.

If it can be done perhaps.  ???

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February 25, 2009, 12:19:24 am #8 Last Edit: February 25, 2009, 12:24:58 am by 147 crew
Idea, people could still put their 3 favourite tracks on their introduction page, then maybe have a Recommendations topic to compliment?

I remembered I started one ages ago


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February 25, 2009, 08:17:40 am #10 Last Edit: February 25, 2009, 08:48:46 am by DJ Omnimaga
Yeah I am still figuring an idea for the songs that were posted between Oct 2007 and February 2009. I think there should be both a SOTY and a SOTM award. The first Song Of The Year award would include all songs posted from October 29th 2007 to February 28th 2008. For this first SOTY, there would be a topic in which everyone post 2 of their favourite tracks they released on TIMGUL within that period. The genre wouldn't matter at this point. Just 2 tracks. People would have 14 days to submit their work, afterward it would be too late. Then the songs would be sorted into their 7 respective categories then 7 polls would be posted on the front page and forums. 14 days for voting. After 14 days, the poll is closed. If there is a tie between the most voted song and others, then a semi-Suddent-Death poll is posted with only these songs. If I am online, as soon as there is one single vote I close the poll. Because I am not online all the time and the forum system won't allow me to create "single-vote" polls, I may miss that first vote. You are then free to poke me via AIM/MSN/Yahoo to notify me, in case I might be doing other stuff on the computer but am not that busy, so I will hop on the forums and try to close the poll as quick as possible. If I miss the first vote then oh well, I will try to close it on the first tie breaking I see when I am on. At the end of the month or beginning of the other month, I would both announce the winners of each categories then the next voting round.

The first SOTY award would cover such large range of date so we'ere not in an extreme rush for the next 2 or three SOTM voting rounds. I am busy and a lot of other ppl too after all x.x. Plus I want to start the SOTM right after SOTY.

However, SOTM format would be different, same for the next SOTY awards. 2 songs cap per person is only to not have an incredibly huge list of polls on the front page. For the SOTM awards, all songs posted the previous month would be listed in a poll. However, if multiple songs are posted in one topic, the entire topic would count as one single song, since it's hard to monitor. There would still be 7 polls (by genres). 21 days to vote then suddent death poll, as during the first SOTY award. Why 21 days and not 28? Because I know at one point there will be someone who will post 100 songs in one month and it will take a long while to setup the next poll because of it. Oh well, the more song someone have in a poll, the more dilluted his votes are. That's their choice. At the end of each month, there would be the results posted then new round of polls starting up.

Now for SOTY 2009 and the next years? Well, it would be different from the late 07-early 09 SOTY award. Only the winner songs of each SOTM awards would be eligible for that one. For the 2009 award, there would be 10 songs per poll then for the next awards it would be 12. Then a 14 day voting then the usual semi-suddent-death tie breaking.

Why 14 days only? Because in January there would be two voting rounds, because of a SOTM happening the same month. In fact, the January SOTM voting would be only 14 days as an exception (hoping this month nobody post over 100 songs in a row else I will really be screwed x.x).

With the exception of the 2008 SOTY and the 2009 SOTY, this award would cover SOTM winners from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

What do you guys think?

P.S: before anything like this happens, though, I need to hurry and finish sorting the songs located in the "LOCKED: Unsorted Songs" section to their respective categories. I started a year ago when we splut the music by genres after we reached 500 songs, but I lacked the time to continue so)

I also am thinking more and more about hiring some staff for the site. Maybe some might be willing to help through extreme rushes of songs. I will post another thread regarding this.
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here are some proposals for the rules of SOTM:

1 each forum member can vote 3 songs for each musical genre. the first one gets 3 pts, the 2nd one gets 2 pts, the 3rd one gets 1 point.

2 no one can vote his own songs (for obvious reason)

3 if a member uploads (for example) 99 songs in the same category (f.e. techno/trance), other members should be allowed to vote only one of those 99 songs from that artist. if not so, that artist would have too many chances of winning the contest in that specific category, and it would be unfair.

4 on the contrary, other members should be free to vote songs from the same artist which are not included in the same category. preventing people to compete in all the different musical categories would be a rule too strict. i also think thatif you agree with this proposal of rule here members would be encouraged to try different musical styles, which is quite good.

5 if the number of partecipants in a specific category (f.e. rock category) is not at least 3, well, i think we should pass over it and be free to vote more than one song from the same artist.

-as for the contest of 2008, i'll leave entirely the decisions to you, because i wasn't there back then.

-i would like to give another suggestion: i would not create a topic for each month's poll, it would be too complicated and quite redundnt. instead i would create a huge topic called (f.e.) 'best of 2009': every member could spontaneously post his own favourites for each category (of course within the stated terms), specifying the month they are referred to just by adding a title to their reply. that would prevent from creating too many new topics.

here i go with an example: there are 3 members (omnimaga, shell, shaka) and 2 categories (f.e.: dnb, rock)


dnb category:

1 place: AAAA (song title)  --> 3 pts
2: BBBB  --> 2 pts
3: CCCC --> 1 pt


1: VVVV  ---> 3 pts
2: XXXX ---> 2 pts
3: YYYY --> 1 pt










total results:


AAAA: 3+1
BBBB: 2+3+1  --> winner
CCCC: 1+2


XXXX: 2+2+1
YYYY: 1+1+3
ZZZZ: 3+2

---> poll between XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ

what about that?


Good idea, well thought out and fair.


February 25, 2009, 11:24:43 pm #13 Last Edit: February 25, 2009, 11:32:03 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Unfortunately there is no way to prevent voting for our own songs, though, that's something I didn't though about. That's a limitation of the forum system

for the 99 songs matter, the thing is that the votes would be song based, not member based. So basically, the opposite would happen. If you submit 3 or 4 tracks you will have more chance to get attention than with one track, so more votes and people will be more interested to listen to your other songs. But if you post 99 songs, your votes will get spread among all 99 songs. If they are all liked, then if you posted that many songs you have almost no chances to win.

I wonder if we could go like with the first SOTY for the SOTM award instead? I mean, every month, there would be a topic where people could submit the songs they posted the previous month to participate and only 3 songs per members would be allowed. If someone post a link to a song not made the previous month then it would be deleted from the list. That would probably make it a bit problematic during summertime because a lot of members sometimes leave during long periods for vacations, but that's pretty much out of our control. BUt I am thinking that it might solve the 100 songs in a month problem. We would still have a lot of choices in the polls if participation is high, but at least it would be much cleaner to read
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ok omni, i do understand some of your points, but i can't understand other points.

f.e., i just can't see where lies the problem in the matter of preventing people voting fot their own songs. up here i suggested to write explicitly the name of the 3 (or 4 - 5- 99, if you prefer) favourite songs of each member. i think this would encourage the transparency and the politeness of the poll. you probably fear that transparency might turn into aggressiveness and reciprocal hostility. yes, that would be possible. well i think that the first requisite, and very first rule of this contest, should be the use of the good sense (or the common sense, call it like you prefer) by the forum members. just as nakamura said before, as long as we are intelligent and we behave properly, this is gonna work anyway.

about the '99 songs question', you're probably right. however that example showed clearly an extreme case, which should be quite unlikely. in any case we should definitely think more about it.

it is true, SOTM would probably be a burden for those who are responsible for it. and the process of posting again the songs seems quite redundant to me.

i'm gonna think again about these unsolved questions. i think other guys should do the same and help us with some more ideas

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Quote from: Shellshaka on February 26, 2009, 04:34:02 pm
up here i suggested to write explicitly the name of the 3 (or 4 - 5- 99, if you prefer) favourite songs of each member.

oh my, sorry for my poor english. what i wanted to say here is (just like i've said in the previous post): i suggested that each member shouls write explicitly the name of his (3-4-5-whatever) favourite songs for every single musical category.


well the problem with voting for our own songs is that Simplemachines Forums (SMF) system won't let me detect if someone has voted for his own song or not. There's absolutely no way to control that. It's not my fault but a forum feature limitation
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DJ Ryznup

I could be wrong Omni, but what I think Shellshaka is talking about is having a Topic where people vote by writing in their favourite songs and post them rather than vote for their favorite songs in an automated system where you have limited control. That way, if someone tries to vote for their own song, you and everyone will see it as an invalid entry, and the vote for their own work won't be counted.

I think this is a cool ideal. The hardest part would be counting those votes yourself, but after you appoint your mods, It would make a process like this easy and fair for everybody. You all could count them individually, have something like a mod meeting in a group chatroom and put each of your counts together to make sure the numbers for each category are the same, and easily correct an accidental miscount.

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Ooh I see what you mean. However for that I would need to make posts for this category only be viewable by myself so people won't see each other's votes. Else if it's not possible I could always have everyone PM me their votes. I see the entire PM list at once so it would still be easy to browse.
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